Cheap Diffusers and Oils - You Get What You Pay For...

by Laura Klein

Australian families are discovering the ongoing  health benefits of using Cool Mist Ultrasonic Vaporisers such as the lively living diffusers and Organic Essential Oils everyday. This makes us so happy!

They are experiencing improvements in breathing, sleeping patterns, snoring, sinus, eczema, coughs, congestions, sniffles and more - 365 days and nights a year!

But recently, there has been an explosion of 'cheaper' cool mist diffusers/vaporisers onto the Australian market.

Everywhere I look online and in retail stores, there are new styles and brands of cheap diffusers/vaporisers being promoted.

A few times a week, we'll get a call or an email at the Snotty Noses Office from a lovely customer, inquiring about the benefits of our  $99 Aroma Bloom Diffuser Vaporiser by Lively Living vs the $39 "Cheap No Name Diffusers".

Customers are smart with their money and they want to know...

"Is there really a difference?" 

"Is it worth spending $99 on a diffuser, when I can get one for $39?"

The answer is very simple - you get what you pay for!

Why choose a Lively Living cool mist diffuser?

The Aroma Bloom Cool Mist Vaporiser by Lively Living has been on the market since 2014.  It is a trusted, popular, functional, high quality unit.  

Compared to cheap diffusers, the main benefits of the Aroma Bloom are:

- superior, super fine mist which travels further throughout the room (approx 25sq,) and stays suspended in the air longer

- only uses 200ml of tap water, with no filter to change or replace

- long run time of 7-8 hours on constant mist and 15-18 hours on intermittent mist

- made of BPA-free crystal look plastic, which won't break if dropped. 

- 12 month manufacturer's warranty on factory parts and operation 

- a 14 day "Satisfaction Guarantee" when purchased from us - love it or return it, simple!

We urge you to do your research on all the products available and hope you will be convinced that spending $99 on a Lively Living diffuser, the Aroma Bloom Cool Mist Vaporiser will be a very wise, long term investment in good health.

Just like Monica...

And while we're on the topic of "cheap vs high quality", let's quickly talk about oils...

Many years ago, before I had learned the benefits of using 100% pure essential oils for daily wellbeing, I would often see a shelf of cheap oils in the local dollar store. They were only $2 a bottle. What a bargain, I thought!

Why would anyone pay $20 or more for other oils. Now I get it!

Comparing 100% pure, organic essential oils with cheap, fragrant oils is like comparing apples and oranges.

Actually, more like comparing apples and petrol.

Cheap fragrant oils are a synthetic, chemical compound, manufactured to mirror the smell of the actual plant, but wiith no health benefits. They are mass produced at a very low cost, and many consumers are unaware of their synthetic composition. They might smell 'nice', but you don't want your family breathing in this chemcial fragrance.

By contrast, 100% pure, organic essential oils are the distilled, volatile aromatic constituents of the plant that are highly concentrated. That is the reason they are more expensive - it can take 9kg of an organic lavender plant to make a 10ml bottle of lavender essential oil.

In addition, just one drop of essential oil is equivalent to 15-40 cups of medicinal tea!

Diffused essential oils can be safe and very effective in children when used correctly and in the right dose!

Customers also ask whether they can diffuse the Vicks Inhalant Liquid or Euky Bear Inhalant Liquid (designed for use in steam vaporisers) in the Aroma Bloom or Aroma Breeze Ultrasonic Cool Mist Vaporisers.  The short answer is NO!  They are mixed with a large amount of carrier oil and will quickly clog the fine working parts of an ultrasonic machine.  

Whilst we recommend using the matching Lively Living Brand organic essential oils in your Lively Living Aroma Bloom Vaporiser, you can substitute other high quality pure essential oils, like DoTerra and Young Living.

With 9 fashion colours to choose from, we know there's an Aroma Bloom to suit all decors.  Click here to grab yours for just $99.

Or grab a "Value Pack" with an Aroma Bloom and 2 Organic Essential Oils for just $135

You'll love using these beautiful machines every day. Promise xx