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Pregnancy Products

Our safe must have pregnancy products to support your pregnancy and peace of mind. 

Pregnancy can be a wonderful time, but it can also be stressful. We’ve curated a selection of high-quality Australian pregnancy products to help you relax, sleep better, and support your mental and physical health as your unborn baby grows.

Fetal Dopplers

Listening to your newborn baby’s heartbeat is wonderfully reassuring and is a lovely way to bond with your baby during pregnancy.

Fetal dopplers are similar to the devices used by doctors and midwives to detect a fetal heartbeat in the womb. They’re completely safe and very easy to use.

Essential Oils for Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, it’s more important than ever to use natural, organic, non-toxic products that don’t pose any risk to your unborn baby.

Our 100 percent organic essential oils are made in Australia and don’t contain any chemicals or synthetic ingredients.

Aromatherapy with essential oils is a wonderful way to relax and enjoy more restful sleep when you’re pregnant. As most medicinal cold and flu remedies are off the cards in pregnancy, essential oils are also an effective and safe way to open up your airways and relieve congestion. You can use them with a vaporiser for maximum effect. If you want to buy a vaporiser and oils, check out our value packs for some great savings.

Preparing for Your Baby

Don’t forget to stock up on some essentials for your baby while you’re buying your pregnancy products. Register with us to collect rewards while you shop.

Our nasal aspirators and cough and cold remedies are good to have on hand before your baby is born so you can be prepared.

Sleep deprivation can be a big challenge for new mums! Make sure to get as much rest as you can with the help of our sleep solutions. And, while it may be some time before your baby has teeth, being prepared for teething is sensible, too!

If you’re looking for a gift for a mum-to-be and you’re not sure what to choose, why not pick up one of our gift vouchers?