Hush Vaporiser FAQ


 Get ready to sleep better with

Hush Ultrasonic Vaporiser and Organic Essential Oils

General FAQ

Can I use Plain Tap Water?

Yes, water only will still hydrate and purify the air. Tap water only is recommended from birth-3 months. After that, 2-3 drops of pure essential oil per 100ml of water can be added to the water for enhanced sleep and wellness benefits. 

Can I Place the Unit Next to the Cot or Bed?

Yes, Hush can sit beside the cot or bed, ensuring cords are out of reach. The unit creates no heat or condensation, so it's safe to have within 1 metre of your child. Alternatively, you can have the unit a few metres away, if more convenient, and the mist will still disperse around an average sized bedroom.

Do I Need to Leave the Bedroom Door Open?

The bedroom door/windows can be open or shut. The unit creates no heat or condensation so the room does not need to be "aired". Having the door slightly closed can help to keep the essential oils/mist in that environment, rather than it traveling outside the room. 

Should I Use Hush for Every Sleep?

Yes, consistency is key. Use the same mist, light and sound functions for every day nap and every night sleep. We'd recommend using the Baby Breathe or Sniffle Season Essential Oil in times of sickness, and Sweet Slumber or Calm Cocoon in times of wellness. 

How Long Before I Experience Better Sleep?

Thanks for understanding that Hush does not come with a magic wand. It will not suddenly make a newborn "sleep through" (that won't happen, they need frequent feeds every few hours).

It will not make a restless toddler suddenly leap into bed and be asleep in 10 minutes. Hush is a tool to use consistently to create the optimum sleep environment. 

Can Hush Be Used by Any Age?

Yes, from birth to 99+ years. Any age can enjoy the health and sleep benefits of purified mist, light therapy and sound therapy. 

Can Hush Be Used in Different Rooms?

Yes, Hush is super sleek and stylish and not a "babyish" design. It can be placed in the kitchen, lounge, study or rumpus.

Very popular in the office and daycare centres.

The decorative covers allow you to customise the perfect match for your decor. Purchase new cover designs HERE for only $19.95.


Trouble Shooting

The most common issue is the buttons and remote are not operating the functions. Unplug the cord from the base for 30 seconds and replug, which resets feature buttons and remote. Usually this is a quick fix for tech issues. 

Please read the instruction manual enclosed with the unit. 


Remote Control Functions

NOTE: Top left button turns OFF only


The most common confusion can be using the remote control, and checking Bluetooth connection.

Let's Check These 3 Functions

Sound (Left Button) - inbuilt sounds will only work when Bluetooth is disconnected

1st press: Rain

2nd Press: Brown Noise

3rd Press: Meditation

4th Press: Shush/Heartbeat

5th Press: Sound off

NOTE: If you hear 5 chimes when you switch Hush on at the wall, it indicates Hush has connected to a bluetooth device. Press and hold SOUND button on the unit for 5 seconds, until you hear the 5 chimes again (indicating Bluetooth has been disconnected).


Light (Middle Button)

1st press: Red Pulsating Light - Bright/Dim

2nd Press: Pauses Red Light on Desired Intensity

3rd Press: Colour Changing Light (takes 35 seconds to rotate through all colours)

4th Press: Pauses Light on Desired Colour

5th Press: Light off


Mist (Right Button) The 4 lights on the unit correspond to the following functions:

 1st press: 60 minutes of constant mist

 2nd Press: 120 minutes of constant mist

 3rd Press: Intermittent Mist

 4th Press: Continuous Mist until water chamber runs out

 5th Press: Mist/Light off

More Questions to Consider....

1. Are you using the original power cord (different cords have different wattage, which can overload the unit or not provide enough amp to function). If overloaded by using the wrong cord, the internal circuit board is “fried” and can never recover.

2. Is Hush plugged into a powerboard or wall point? You can try it in a different socket. You can reset by unplugging the cord underneath for 30 seconds.

3. Are you using the buttons or the remote control? Are the AAA batteries well charged and inserted correctly in the remote control? Are you standing within 2 metres when using remote control and pressing the buttons slowly and deliberately? Check you are pressing the correct buttons to turn on and off. A video has been recorded below. 

Remote Control Functions


4. When using the remote, which of the 3 functions (Music, Light, Mist) are working?

5. Are you connected to Bluetooth on your device? If you hear the 5 "chimes" when you switch the unit on at the wall, Hush has connected to one of your devices automatically. To disconnect Bluetooth on the machine, press and hold the left PLAY button on the unit for 5 seconds until you hear the 5 'chimes' again. 

NOTE: The 4 inbuilt sounds will NOT work if Bluetooth is connected. The unit is designed to auto-connect to a previous Bluetooth pairing after being unplugged. Turn Bluetooth off on your device, or press and hold left PLAY button on unit for 5 seconds to disconnect Bluetooth.

6. Does the water vibrate near the internal funnel of the water chamber and create a mist cloud when the mist button is pressed? Does the mist come out the top when you put the lid on? Or no water vibration or mist cloud at all?

7. Is the water only filled to the red sticker/indicator line? Do NOT overfill with water. Overfilling will cause the water to be too heavy and the mist will not push up. For the first 5 uses, we recommend filling to just below the indicator line, until the internal disc wears in.

8. Has the unit accidentally been dropped, or gotten wet on the outside or cord area?

9. Which oils have been used in the machine? Our brand, or other brands or liquids? Only pure essential oils and water should be used, so the spinning internal disc doesn’t get clogged.

10. How often has it been cleaned? Cleaning is recommended every 2-3 weeks when used daily.

Please give the water chamber and baffle a good wipe and clean with a baby wipe or wet cloth. You can remove the Baffle Tube to clean. However, please ensure it's installed correctly before turning your unit on.

You use two drops of mild dishwashing detergent or you can also make up 200 ml mix of 50/50 water and white vinegar, and leave to soak for an hour, and wipe out. Then leave the whole unit uncovered and upside down to drain and dry out for a few hours.

11. Do the buttons feel a bit stuck? If a crumb or particle is stuck behind the button, it can affect it being pressed. Tip the base upside down and give it a few hard taps on the bench and retry. Also check the cord is firmly pressed into the base, as it can come loose if moved. Also check that the buttons have not had water or moisture get into the front.

12. Is the water baffle funnel still connected inside the water chamber to ensure the water doesn't leak out the bottom? See picture


Troubleshooting Bluetooth, Sound Connection and Remote Control Issues

Watch a Demo



Cleaning is recommended every 2-3 weeks when used daily.

Please give the water chamber and baffle a good wipe and clean with a baby wipe or wet cloth. You can remove the Baffle Tube to clean but must be installed prior to turning on your unit.

You can use two drops of mild dishwashing detergent or you can also make up 200 ml mix of 50/50 water and white vinegar, and leave to soak for an hour, and wipe out. Then leave the whole unit uncovered and upside down to drain and dry out for a few hours.

Personalise the Cover with Your Child's Name

(whiteboard marker recommended)


Help, I Still Can't Get Hush Working Correctly

If none of the trouble shooting works, and the mist, light, sound or Bluetooth is not working correctly, we may need to organise a warranty claim.

You WON'T need a whole new unit, but just a replacement for the faulty piece – which is either the power cord or the base or the remote control.

Rather than the time and hassle to send the unit back to us, we find most customers prefer to take a quick video showing the unit plugged in at the wall socket with the original adapter, and then showing the buttons being pressed. It allows us to see what is and isn’t working (with the lid on and then off).

The best way to take the video is to ensure you have a dark background or simply just putting something dark behind the Hush so we can see the mist.

You can email to or text the video to 0424 846841. Please include name, email, phone number and order number (if known).

We can quickly get warranty claims underway. The whole unit would not need replacing, but you will need a new power cord OR base piece or remote control, depending on the fault reported.

60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Although the functions of Hush might be operating as intended, you may not be happy with your purchase. Hush is not a magic overnight fix for any sleep issues. We recommend using the unit consistently for at least 14 days/nights before deciding it's not the right product for your family.  

If you wish to return Hush, please email with your order number, so we can give instructions how you can post the unit back to our Brisbane office. You are responsible for covering return postage costs when claiming the 60 day satisfaction guarantee. Both the vaporiser and oil can be returned. Remote control, lid, decorative covers and power cord must also be returned in original packaging. Once received, you will receive a refund of the product price, less a $7 processing fee. 

Laura and the team, Brisbane xx