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The Best Nasal Aspirator is Snotty Boss

When your little one has a cold, watching them suffer can feel frustrating. Little ones catch 6-10 colds per year as their immune system develops. More if they attend daycare.

With our electric nasal aspirators, you can provide them with relief. Our "Snotty Boss" or "snot sucker"  has constant suction, so it gently removes the snot that's clogging your baby's nasal passages. As a result, they'll be able to breathe clearer, feed easier and enjoy a comfortable sleep, especially when you use our vaporisers and oils.

In the past, parents have struggled to use manual bulb suckers, or suction tubes with their own mouths. Technology has improved. An electric nasal aspirator is the most convenient and effective solution. 

Using a Baby Nasal Aspirator

When your child suffers from a cold, they cannot blow their own nose, so may struggle to keep their nasal passages clear. Even with the best of instructions, pre-schoolers may struggle too. With an electric nasal aspirator, you can do the job for them.

At Snotty Noses, we've developed snot suckers that gently remove snot when your little one is suffering from a cold, the flu, sinus problems, or an allergy. It is safe for newborns, older babies, toddlers and any age who can't blow their own nose.

Using an electric nasal aspirator helps your child to feel more comfortable when they have a cold. This is particularly important for babies, who spend a lot of time on their backs. While lying down, their snot is more likely to accumulate. Resulting in serious breathing difficulties as newborns are obligate nose breathers.

Our snot suckers also help the feeding process. Whether your baby is breast or bottle-fed, having a cold can make it difficult for them to maintain their latch. When their nostrils are clearer, they'll find it easier to breathe through their noses. As a result, their mouth will be free for feeding. 

With the snot gone, it can also prevent a secondary adenoid or respiratory infection.

Supporting your Baby's Breathing

Clearing your baby's nose isn't just important for helping them feed. Your baby's natural preference is to breathe through their nose. As a result,  a severely blocked nose can prove dangerous and uncomfortable. If your baby regularly suffers from colds, try one of our value packs to help them feel at ease.

At Snotty Noses, we're here to help you clear your baby's nasal passages. If you have questions about our devices, our sleep solutions, and how they work, contact us. With thousands of happy customers throughout Australia, we're sure you'll love our products too. If you know someone who could benefit from a product that's in our range, treat them to one of our gift vouchers.