Pro Tips for Snotty Usage


Bravo, thanks for putting your trust in the Snotty Nasal Aspirator.  The SNOTTY  is changing the way parents respond to children's runny and blocked noses, in a fast, effective way.

For best results, use high quality, well charged alkaline batteries.


Fill the enclosed spray bottle with saline solution:  you don’t need to spend money at the chemist buying saline – it’s purified, salt water.  Boil the jug, set aside 125ml to cool, then mix in 1/2tsp salt, and dispense into the enclosed, refillable spray bottle and shake well.  Spare saline can be kept in the fridge.  

Do 1 or 2 sprays of saline up each nostril first - it will loosen the mucus, and act as a natural antibacterial solution.  Then, aspirate the nose using the SNOTTY, and do a final single spray of saline to leave in the nasal cavity.


Please watch this You Tub video, to give some more ideas for safe usage...



A Fun Game

Young babies are usually unfazed by the noise and feel of the SNOTTY, but sometimes older babies and toddlers can be a little unsure, or even completely freaked out by this noisy, vibrating thing going up their nose.  We know it's not as fun as eating icecream!  

But the medical benefits of removing snot at the source, before it can become a secondary chest or ear infection far outweighs a moment (or 10!!!) of fuss.  Try these fun distractions and tricks...

- Why not let your child use the SNOTTY on their 'sick' dolls and toys as a game first! 

- We understand the SNOTTY makes a noise, so make it fun, saying the SNOTTY MONSTER wants to see how much snot it can suck out!  

- Try doing a simple countdown game from 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 while operating, to show children it really only takes a few seconds.  

- Sing a song to the tune of Wheels on the Bus...The little Snotty monster goes suck, suck, suck, all the way up your nose!!

- Turn on ABC4Kids, and delight in the ultimate quick distraction.  Remember, they won't get much time to watch, because you will only need a few seconds up each nostril to clear the nose!

- Ultimately, keep calm, and show your child there is nothing to be scared about.  They will breathe, feed and sleep so much better once the snot is gone.  Plus it will aid in quicker recovery from their cold and congestion.  

We understand your child may be unsure at first and even months down the track it still may not be their favourite thing to do, but when their health is compromised, it's worth it!



Remember, the "Snotty 3 Ultimate" unit is completely waterproof, so you can use it in the bath or shower! This is ideal, as the steam from a warm bath or shower helps to loosen the snot, making it easier to remove, plus the running water disguises the sound of the Snotty motor.  


Is My Snotty Aspirator Functioning Correctly? Take the "Apple Puree" Test...

Mastering the best technique when using the Snotty Aspirator does take a bit of practice.  We understand it can be tricky to get the correct insertion angle and depth when dealing with a wriggly baby or toddler at the same time.  

Firstly, make sure you've got well charged alkaline-only batteries (the motor will not engage unless the batteries have enough charge) and have used a couple of squirts of saline in each nostril - the Snotty Aspirator can't suction dry, crusty snot! 

To check the function and see the suction capabilities of the Snotty Aspirator, we recommend you do the "Apple Puree Test" - as it's the same consistency as snot, just a different colour!  Squirt some apple puree/baby apples/jelly onto a plate, and suction it up with the Snotty Aspirator - it should be suctioned quickly and easily, just like in the video below.  Just take off the collection cup and rinse the unit under a warm tap to clean.

Now you can see how powerful the Snotty Aspirator is, so it's time to use it on your little one.

Correct depth of insertion is essential, especially to remove the snot high in the nasal passages.  You need to insert the nozzle far enough into the nostril to create an air seal, so the vacuum can do it's job.  This can take a bit of practice, as parents don't want to insert it too far, for fear of hurting their child.  We understand, but with careful judgement and precision, it is a safe action.

If you are concerned or unsure, please take the Snotty Aspirator and saline spray to your next doctor's appointment and ask your doctor to demonstrate appropriate use of the aspirator. 



Stand Upright

The ergonomic design of the Snotty Aspirator allows it to stand upright independently.  We recommend standing the unit upright at all times, between uses and whilst in storage.  If it lays down, any moisture or unrinsed mucus can leak through the collection cup and through to the motor compartment, which can cause this liquid to 'spit out' the air vent when in operation - yuck!  If this does happen, give your aspirator a full wash and stand upright to dry for a few hours, with the collection cup removed.



Diligent and regular CLEANING of the entire unit is absolutely essential.  Without regular, full cleaning, the small motor can easily get clogged and will cease to operate.

The entire unit is waterproof.  Remove the silicon nozzle and clear collection cup, and rinse these pieces under hot water.  Do not boil or sterilise in a dishwasher.

The hand held part should also be regularly rinsed, when the collection cup and nozzle is removed.  It's totally waterproof, just make sure the upper and lower cover pieces are firmly closed.  Dip the tip into a bowl of water and press the operating button. This will send a swish of water through the motor, to clean any snot that has become stuck or dried.

The Snotty 3 Ultimate Aspirator is covered by a 12 month warranty for factory or production faults. Issues that arise from irregular or insufficient cleaning are not covered by the warranty.


Please watch this You Tube video, to get simple and effective cleaning tips....



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