Buzzy Brush Replacement Heads 2 Pack

Buzzy Brush Replacement Heads 2 Pack

Jack N Jill Toothpaste

Jack N Jill Toothpaste


Teething can be a miserable time for your baby. Sharp little teeth cutting through sensitive gums often means pain and tears for your little one, a fussy baby to deal with, and sleepless nights for you!

At Snotty Noses, we stock some of the most effective and safe teething products in Australia for your baby.

Teething Mittens

Do you have an early teether? On average, that precious first tooth will appear around the six-month mark, but it’s not unusual for babies to get their first tooth at three months. And, teething symptoms often start well before you see any teeth come in.

If your baby isn’t old enough to hold traditional teething toys, a teething mitten is a great option.

Bibi teething mitt fit over your baby’s hands, and the textured surface helps to massage and soothe sore gums. You can pop them in the freezer for extra cooling relief, and the curved surface reaches all parts of the gum.

Teething Rings

Teething rings are easy for babies to hold and chew, and they make great toys for developing coordination and motor skills, too.

Bibi teething rings are made from high-quality birchwood and food-grade silicone so they’re safe for babies to chomp on.

With a range of cute designs and colours featuring koalas and bulldogs, they look adorable, too!

Other Teething Toys and Solutions

We also stock a number of other teething toys, including the Teething EggMolar Magician, and Munch-it teething blanket. Try a few and see which one your baby likes best!

Snotty Noses also has several vaporisers and essential oils, and accessories for using them, which can help your baby to feel more relaxed and may ease their pain.

Teething combined with a cold is a recipe for sleepless nights! If you and your little one are struggling to get a good night’s rest, check out our sleep solutions and cough and cold remedies, including our nasal aspirators. You can also save money by bundling up and buying one of our value packs, which include a selection of products to help your baby sleep and breathe better.

If you want to buy a present for a new baby but you’re not sure what to choose, our gift vouchers are the perfect gift for a baby shower, birth, Christmas, or other occasion.

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