Australian certified organic essential oils infuse the air beautifully, to help breathe and absorb through the skin.

15ml Organic Essential Oil

Silicone Teething & Fidget Necklace

Silicone Teething & Fidget Necklace

Traditional Rainbow

Bonus Silicone Rainbow Stacker Toy

Deluxe Rainbow Stacker Toy helps develop Fine Motor, Sensory, and Spatial Awareness

Silicone Rainbow Stacker Toy

Kozy Koala

Farm Buddies Organic Sleep Blankie

Farm Buddies Plush Toy - the best organic cuddle comforter - a tribe of best buds, made for squeezing, hugging, and good times - perfect for sleep, comfort and play.

Farm Buddies Organic Sleep Toy

Fits over baby's hands. Adjustable velcro strap so it won't fall off

Bibi Teething Mitt


Teething can be a miserable time for your baby. Sharp little teeth cutting through sensitive gums often means pain and tears for your little one, a fussy baby to deal with, and sleepless nights for you! At Snotty Noses, we stock some of the most effective and safe teething products in Australia for your baby.