7 Reasons Why Cool Mist Vaporisers Are Better Than Warm Mist Humidifiers | Snotty Noses Australia

7 Reasons Why Cool Mist Vaporisers Are Better Than Warm Mist Humidifiers | Snotty Noses Australia

Posted by Laura Klein on 1st May 2018

Many customers contact us to ask 

"My baby is sick. Should I use a Cool Mist Vaporiser or a Warm Steam Humidifier? I always thought warm steam was best for runny noses, coughs and congestion". 

Let's explore that idea a bit more...

There is no doubt that warm steam has medical and therapeutic benefits for children when they are congested or display croup-like symptoms. No parent likes to see their little one suffering with a persistent cough or runny nose.  And it is so frightening to see your baby struggling to breathe during an asthma attack or croup episode.

However, the current recommendation is that warm steam in a "short burst" is best. For example, 10 minutes in a steamy bathroom, breathing in the vapours and opening the air ways, which may ease congestion, and croup symptoms, and regulate breathing patterns. Steam from a warm mist humidifier as a long term, overnight routine in a bedroom may not be the best health solution for your baby. 

Here are 7 reasons why 'Cool Mist' Vaporisers are better than traditional 'Warm Mist' Humidifiers for your baby

1.  No Heat Source Ever

There will never be a risk of you or your baby being burnt or scalded from the steam produced by a traditional humidifier, like the Vicks or Euky Bear Vaporiser.  Or worse still, having the boiling water inside tip out, if a child pulled the whole unit over and it toppled off a shelf.  

The water and mist in a 'Cool Mist' Vaporiser will always be cool to touch, even if an accidental spill occurs.

2.  The Room Will Not Heat Up

Traditional warm mist vaporisers can increase the temperature of a bedroom by more than 15 degrees.  It can make the room hot and stuffy, and is particularly uncomfortable in Summer.  And by the time the water vapor reaches your child's lower airways, it's the same temperature regardless of whether it started out warm or cool.    

A 'Cool Mist' Vaporiser will not change the ambient room temperature at all, nor will it make the room too cold. The mist released is the same temperature as the tap water used to fill it.  

In Winter, parents can still operate a heater or A/C in conjunction with the Cool Mist Vaporiser, as it will act as a humidifier, by putting moisture back into the air.

3.  Ionized Particles are Constantly Released

'Cool Mist' Ultrasonic Vaporisers like the Aroma Bloom and Aroma Snooze are multifunctional machines.  They are a humidifier and air purifier. Most importantly, due to the water spinning at such a high frequency, the released mist contains millions of ionized vapour particles, allowing for deeper, more effective penetration of the breathing passages.

4.  Pure Essential Oils Are Kept in an Optimised Form

'Cool Mist' Vaporisers do not use any form of heat to diffuse the mist into the atmosphere, so if essential oils are added to the water compartment they are kept in their most natural form. By heating essential oils in a traditional steam humidifier, you can severely alter the molecular structure and thus destroy the aromatic and therapeutic benefits of the essential oil. 

By using 'Cool Mist' diffusers, the healing qualities of the essential oils will be enhanced by the ultrasonic technology and are easily absorbed into the limbic system. 

5.  No Risk of Mould or Mould Spores 

Traditional warm steam vaporisers use a large volume of water (up to 5L for one cycle of operation).  When the steam is released into the bedroom environment, the molecules settle on the walls and soft furnishings, and can make the walls dripping wet.  The water particles need to evaporate, so it means the room must be aired out each day.  If left untouched, condensation forms and can potentially cause mould and mould spores to grow and be released into the air, which can be ingested into the lungs.  

'Cool Mist' Vaporisers like HUSH use only 200-300ml of water, and still run all night. There is no condensation ever - as the water particles are released as a micro-fine mist.

6.  Cool Mist Vaporisers Are Easier To Clean

It is nearly impossible to clean the inside of a large, heated vaporiser, due to the narrow opening at the top.  And due to the fact that they create heat, it can be the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mould to grow.  Also, the "Heated Vaporiser Inhalant Eucalyptus Mixture" leaves an incredible amount of residue - mainly because it is a synthetic carrier oil mixed with a small amount of eucalyptus or menthol oil. This mixture has a powerful smell, but may not have as much therapeutic benefit as pure essential oils. 

Alternatively, our Cool Mist Vaporiser range has a lid that easily lifts off, so the whole water compartment can be wiped clean and dry - this usually only needs to be done once or twice a month and takes 10 seconds with a baby wipe. Pure essential oils that are used with these machines leave very little residue.

7.  Recommended for Use All Year Round

A 'Cool Mist' Vaporiser is a valuable tool for good health and good sleep 365 days and nights a year.  The multi-functional capacity of our Aroma Bloom as a vaporiser, humidifier, air purifier, ionizer and night light will support the health and well being of your family through all seasons of the year, not just in times of acute illness. 

And unlike other vaporisers or humidifiers that run only for around 5 hours, our range of 'Cool Mist' Vaporisers can operate for more than 16 hours on an intermittent setting.  Customers have reported improvements in a variety of health conditions with everyday use of this compact but powerful machine.  It may provide relief from colds, congestions, cough, asthma, eczema, hayfever, sinus, dry skin, snoring and much more.  All in a natural, safe way.  

With the addition of essential oils, a 'Cool Mist' Vaporiser could be the best healthcare decision you can make for your family.

The team at Snotty Noses will ensure dispatch of your order on the same or next business day, so you can start breathing and absorbing the natural health benefits of 'Cool Mist' everyday.

Keep smiling

Laura and the Snotty Noses Team x