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Organic Essential Oil

Little Boss Breathe Balm

Little Boss Breathe Balm

Little Boss Breathe Balm MINI

Little Boss Breathe Balm MINI


Nothing is more miserable for your baby than a cough or cold with uncomfortable symptoms. And nothing is more unpleasant for you than seeing your little one suffer.

Fortunately, our range of baby cold remedies, available throughout Australia, has everything you need to relieve those distressing symptoms and see your little one bounce back to their usual lively self.

Relieving unpleasant symptoms

Have you heard about our nasal aspirators? These ingenious devices gently remove snot from your baby’s nose in seconds, leaving them free to breathe, sleep and feed comfortably again.

For baby cough treatment, we’ve got it covered. Our baby cough remedies include our organic Chesty Rub, which relieves congestion symptomatic of coughs and colds.

Our vaporisers and essential oils are also great as a baby cold treatment. Try our Aroma Bloom vaporiser paired with a decongestant essential oil such as our Winter Rescue Remedy to disperse a soothing cool mist into your baby’s nursery. This helps clear nasal passages and promote a great night’s sleep.

Check out our value packs for a fantastic way to try out oils, vaporisers and balm, and save money too!

For a restful night’s sleep

Our sleep solutions are designed to promote a peaceful night’s sleep for your little one, and for you! Browse our range of vaporisers and essential oils, balms, bath wash and more to get your baby relaxed and ready for sleep.

If your baby is teething, the discomfort is bound to disrupt their normal sleeping patterns. Take a look at our extensive range of teething solutions to relieve the soreness, and help your baby to relax and enjoy their slumber time.

Don’t forget we stock all the accessories you need for your vaporiser or aspirator, as well as other useful products to help your child stay happy and healthy.

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