7 Top Tips As Your Little One Recovers From Illness

7 Top Tips As Your Little One Recovers From Illness

Posted by Laura Klein on 26th Mar 2019

Colds, flu, viruses and infection are an unavoidable fact of life with little ones.  Some children can get between 4-8 colds or viruses per year.  And for those in child care, it can be many more.  

Sometimes it feels like as soon as they've recovered from one illness, another cough or runny nose appears.

We want our children to recover as quickly as possible, so there are a couple of simple things you can do around the house to reduce the chance of reinfection, or cross contamination.

How to help your baby with a cold

1.  Replace their toothbrush - as soon as they have recovered from their cold, get a brand new toothbrush, and pop the old one straight in the bin.

2.  Replace their pillow case, sheets and bath towel - they've likely been coughed on, or spattered with snot (sorry - gross but true) so pop on some new linen, and give the old sheets and towels a spin in the tub.

3.  While you're at it, give their cuddle/bed toy or blankie a spin in the washing machine too.  We don't want virus germs to linger on there.

4. Have they got a favourite toy that needs a quick spray with a eucalyptus oil | lavender oil |water mix?  It will instantly sanitize the toy, and make the room smell lovely too.

5. Is it time for a new drink bottle? BPA free kids' water bottles need a good wash regularly.  Not all are dishwasher safe. If they've had the same water bottle for a month or 2, and are just recovering from illness, maybe it's time to invest a few dollars in a new one. 

6. Give the door handles a once over with some eucalyptus oil and a baby wipe.  It will take 10 minutes to do the whole house.  Remember to pay close attention to the bathroom door.

7. Clip the fingernails.  My kids' nails grow so quickly, sometimes I'm shocked to see the germs under there, even after only 1 day of play.  Give them a trim, particularly after an illness, to prevent reinfection by using our Nail Snail. And of course, keep up the good old hand washing with soap and water!

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