Behind The Scenes - Courier Mail

Behind The Scenes - Courier Mail

Posted by Laura Klein on 8th Jul 2020

As many small businesses enter COVID recovery, we were delighted to be approached by The Courier Mail Newspaper in Brisbane, to feature our Snotty Boss Nasal Aspirator. 

Check out the "behind the scenes" video below. Baby Aaliyah wanted to play peek-a-boo in the middle of the shoot!!

It's been quite a journey to bring Snotty Boss to market, with 18 months of research, design and testing. Followed by strict medical device approval by Therapeutic Goods Administration in Canberra.

But it gives our customers peace of mind they are buying a premium product that actually works. 

Yes there are cheap alternatives in pharmacy but they just don't clear little noses the way the battery powered Snotty Boss can!! It's the best, it will last for years and we've got the testimonials to prove it!

We are on a mission to get the Snotty Boss into every pharmacy in Australia and New Zealand, and you can help us by asking for it and recommending it next time you are at the chemist. Word of mouth really works. 


Snotty Boss launched in March 2020, at the height of the COVID19 pandemic, when we were worried about business closures, factory closures, border closures, import restrictions, stock shortages and more. 

But one thing we've learned in 7 years of business is when one door closes, you find a way through the cat flap. 

Our business stayed open throughout the lockdown and the support from Australia Post was incredible.  Our staff worked through all the challenges and changes, and we have thrived. 

We have received the most amazing feedback on Snotty Boss and we read and reply to every single testimonial, email and DM. 

Your support means more than you could ever imagine! We know so many loyal customers constantly recommend Snotty Boss to their Mumma friends, and this makes us do a happy dance. 

We will be sure to update you with the news story link once it goes live next week. 

Laura and the team xx