Cleaning Your Ultrasonic Cool Mist Vaporiser

by Kate Joliffe

Congratulations on purchasing the best cool mist vaporisers on the Australian market. Thousands of Australians put their trust in our safe, no-condensation, energy-efficient diffusers, and we are glad you have too. 

In the past, traditional heated vaporisers like Vicks or Euky Bear have used lots of water and left large amounts of residue in the base, from the capfuls of Vicks liquid that needs to be added. These traditional machines are very difficult to clean, as the water chamber is hard to access and wipe. 

By contrast, all styles of our ultrasonic vaporisers are easy to access and clean. Check out Snotty Boss Laura as she demonstrates the cleaning process..

1. Please only diffuse 100% pure essential oils in your ultrasonic vaporiser every day, as "fragrant oil essence" or synthetic oil or Vicks/Euky Bear inhalant is full of carrier oil and chemicals and will quickly clog the finer working parts of the machine. Other 100% pure essential oils like Doterra and Young Living are fine to use in the machines.

2. We recommend a simple clean of your unit every 3-4 weeks.

3. Please DO NOT use commercial cleaners or vinegar.

4. Simply wipe the base and lid, inside and out with a baby wipe and leave to air with the lid off for 1 hour. The circle in the centre of the base can be gently wiped with a cotton tip.

5. Alternatively, dry the unit out completely and use some essential oil (preferably with eucalyptus) on a DRY TISSUE. This is especially useful if there is a slight oil residue inside the base. A firm rub should remove any residue.

6. Remember, different oils produce different levels of residue.

7. The unit creates no heat, so can never produce mould.

8. We recommend using the vaporiser 365 days and nights a year, however in long periods of non-use, ensure the unit is kept completely dry, with all residual water tipped out. 

Did you notice in the video that we decorated the vaporisers with gorgeous woodland and dinosaur stickers?  What's your little one's favourite theme or character? Why not add some fun sticker decorations to your ultrasonic vaporiser today.

Thanks for putting your trust in our business and our products

Kate and the team xx

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