Diffusing Essential Oils around Babies : Safe Use of Ultrasonic Vaporisers

Diffusing Essential Oils around Babies : Safe Use of Ultrasonic Vaporisers

Posted by Laura Klein on 8th Jan 2021

Here at the Snotty Noses Brisbane office, we get weekly inquiries from parents with congested newborns, asking about the safety of our Ultrasonic Cool Mist Vaporiser Range and Essential Oils.  

We also get questions from parents of older babies, toddlers and children asking about the safety of various essential oils.

We hope the following information helps you make an informed and safe choice for the health and wellbeing of your little one....

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What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the distilled volatile aromatic constituents of the plant that are highly concentrated. They can be made from the root, leaf or stem.

They can enhance well-being and mood, support medical symptoms and infuse the room with natural plant aroma. 

However any person (child or adult) can have a sensitivity to different oils at any time of life, so please use with caution, start slow and use in the recommended doses and applications.

Remember that one drop of essential oil is equivalent to 15-40 cups of medicinal tea! 

Essential oils diluted with water via a diffuser or vaporiser can be safe and very effective in children when used correctly!  

First of all, it is vital that you choose 100% pure essential oils, not a synthetic "fragrant" blend from a dollar store.  Cheap, fragrant oils or "fragrant essence" smells like the plant, but has no health benefit when breathed or absorbed.
The synthetic, chemical formulation only mirrors the smell of the plant oil but contains little to no plant material - you don't want your family breathing in this artificial fragrance.

Our 100% pure Organic Essential Oils are made by Snotty Noses Australia. They are "Certified Organic" (Cosmos Organi) which is an important extra feature.   

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Only 100% Essential oils to be used in HUSH

The general dilution in 200ml of water is 

- plain tap water only for newborns, 

- 1-3 drops of oil for babies over 3 months and children.  

- 3-5 drops for adults.

Can you use Essential Oils with Newborns? 

Our manufacturer has given the general guideline to avoid diffusing essential oils with babies under 3 months. This is not meant to alarm parents in any way, it is just a general precaution.

It's because a newborn's skin and respiratory system is so new, and any sensitivities or allergies may not have been detected yet.  Therefore, it is recommended to minimise the use of all lotions, soaps, creams and topical balms until 3 months of age. 

Plain tap water can be safely diffused in the Ultrasonic Vaporisers from birth, as this will create a humidified, ionised environment, perfect for sleeping. Newborns are obligate nasal breathers, but often sleep with their mouth open too so both the mouth and nasal passages can dry out very quickly. 

This is particularly important if the room is airconditioned during Summer and heated in Winter. A humidified environment using a cool mist diffuser will put safe, clean moisture back into the air for them to absorb through the mouth, nose and skin.  

If bub is younger than 3 months, many customers take our essential oil to their next GP visit to discuss the safety and health benefits and are very comforted if the GP approves the use of these calming oils prior to the general 3 month guideline.  

100% Natural and Organic, No Phthalates or Chemicals

From around 3 months, our essential oils manufacturer has recommended our oils are generally safe for diffusing in the correct dosage.  

Of course, if there are any pre-existing medical or respiratory issues or known allergies or sensitivities, then parents would need to seek advice from their health professional. 

We always recommend starting with just 1 drop of the oil in 200ml of water for the first week, then building up to 2 and 3 drops in the following weeks. 

The most popular essential oil blend for infants with congestion is "Sniffle Season" - a simple blend of Eucalyptus (radiata), Lemon Myrtle and Cedarwood - great for busting air-borne bacteria and relieving congestion, with a calming influence for sleep. 

A popular blend for relaxed naps and night sleep is "Sweet Slumber" - a fresh blend of Lavender, Mandarin, Cedarwood and Roman Chamomile oils. 

Our Hush combines a cool mist vaporiser, red light therapy, sound therapy, bluetooth, remote control along with a Little Boss essential oil, for the most optimised sleep environment.

Topical Application

Diffusing essential oils with water is the preferred use for young children. Topical application is a much more intense usage. Essential oil should never be applied undiluted, directly to the skin, of any person. It's far too concentrated and may burn or irritate the skin. 

Essential oils must be diluted with a carrier oil (like coconut, jojoba, almond oil or sorbelene, and is recommended for babies over 6 months. It is not recommended to apply diluted essential oils to a newborn's skin. 


We get questions specifically about the safe diffusion of eucalyptus essential oil. There are many varieties of Eucalyptus essential oil, with different levels of 1,8 cineole. Some of our oils contain Eucalyptus Radiata which has a low 1,8 cineole level, and is considered safe by the aromatherapists at our oil manufacturer in Melbourne for diffusion around young children, in the appropriate dosage. 

Brands like Vicks and Eukybear also use eucalyptus oil in their products, some of which are advertised as safe from birth. 

There are many differing opinions on the Internet regarding the safe use of essential oils (including eucalyptus), and ultimately parents must make an informed choice about what is appropriate for their family.

Our oils are 100% organic and pure essential oils, and you can grab a bottle to try for just $22. Click here to find out more. 

As always, please consult your health professional or aromatherapist for more advice on the safe use when diffusing pure essential oils around babies and children.

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The Snotty Boss Aspirator comes with a free refillable saline spray bottle, and we would recommend daily use of a saline spray (particularly in the dry Winter months) from birth to flush and cleanse the nasal passages for optimum breathing and respiratory health. All products are available in an amazing value pack below.

We look forward to assisting you with health and well being. We are passionate about organic safe products and hope you will be delighted with our wonderful products and mind-blowing customer service. You will also enjoy a complimentary Tielka Organic Tea, which comes with our thank you card in every order. 

Laura and the team, Brisbane

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Disclaimer: We are not doctors or healthcare professionals or aromatherapists. Our products are offered for sale with general use guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Should any sensitivity to our products occur, please discontinue use. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, and/or take the place of medical treatment prescribed by a doctor or medical professional.