Does Nose Blowing Cause More Snot?

Does Nose Blowing Cause More Snot?

Posted by Laura Klein on 12th Feb 2021

We get asked this question many times on social media: Does clearing my sick baby's nose many times a day cause more snot to be produced? 

"No" says David King from the University of Qld.

Snot production is the body's way of expelling a virus or infection. Removing the snot does not make the body make any more than it normally would. This applies to both low lying snot that might be dripping from the nostril like candle wax, or snot that is high in the nasal passage.

In fact clearing and removing the snot regularly with saline spray and 5-10 seconds of nasal aspiration removes the virus from the body quicker and can prevent post-nasal drip. 

Safest way to remove snot

A baby or child with festering nasal snot can create a very dangerous situation and parents need a safe way to clear the mucus effectively. As little ones can't blow their own nose, removing the snot with a medical suction device like Snotty Boss is a safe and appropriate way to clear the nose and therefore assist breathing, feeding and sleeping. 

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The three most common reasons for extra snot are the common cold, sinusitis and hay fever. Little ones can be affected at any time of year. Each of these conditions cause the lining in the nose to swell up, and to produce extra mucus to flush away infection, irritants or allergens. Both the swelling and extra mucus lead to nasal congestion. This is when the narrowed passages increase the effort of breathing through the nose. 

As little ones can't blow their own nose, it is dangerous for snot to fester in the nose as it could create a secondary ear or respiratory infection. We recommend to aspirate for 5-10 seconds at a time as needed. This short suction time is to ensure the cilia (fine nasal hairs which capture dust and irritants) and the nasal lining are not further irritated. 

However, congestion is not always in the form of a runny nose that streams from the nostrils. Babies with a booger stuck up their nose can't tell you about it, but it will make them cranky and uncomfortable. So a daily saline squirt and suction with Snotty Boss can be very beneficial even if they are not "sick". It's just a part of their daily bathing or hygiene routine, and can definitely have flow on benefits to better breathing, feeding and sleeping. 

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