Help, My Congested Baby Can't Feed

Help, My Congested Baby Can't Feed

Posted by Laura Klein on 11th Sep 2021

Babies younger than 6 months rely on milk feeds for the majority of their nutrition. Whether breast or bottle, the mechanics of feeding requires little ones to breathe through their nose whilst drinking. 

In fact, babies under 5 months can ONLY breathe through their nose. They can't breathe through their mouth at all.

So what happens when your baby is sick and congested? A blocked or runny nose makes feeding difficult and stressful for both parent and child. 

Clearing Nose to feed better

Why Is There So Much Snot?

Increased snot production is one way the body responds to colds, allergies and infections Healthline explains that’s because mucus can act as both a defense against infection and a means of ridding the body of what is causing inflammation in the first place.

When you have a cold, your nose and sinuses are more vulnerable to a bacterial infection. A cold virus can trigger the body to release histamine, a chemical that inflames your nasal membranes and causes them to produce a lot of mucus. 

Thicker mucus can make it more difficult for bacteria to settle on the linings of your nose. A runny nose is also the body’s way of moving bacteria and other unneeded materials out of your nose and sinuses.

Clear Noses Essential For Feeding

It's essential for babies to have a clear nose prior to feeding. As they can't blow their own nose, parents need easy and effective tools to clear the nasal passages. 

Our Snotty Boss Nasal Aspirator is the complete kit, that clears a blocked or runny nose in seconds. 

It's an easy, natural, drug-free solution to clearing little noses, and can be used multiple times per day, as often as needed. It can also be used midway through a feed, if congestion starts to build up again. 

Nasal aspirators are recommended by the Breastfeeding Association of Australia, and many lactation consultants, who understand the science and physiology behind feeding. 

It is essential for a sick baby to maintain regular feeding. Not only does it provide nutrition, but the close embrace of the feeding parent also provides much needed comfort. 

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Step By Step

The first step to clear your little one's nose in preparation for feeding is to squirt 2-3 sprays of saline into each nostril.

The saline is a natural anti-bacterial lubricant, which loosens up any mucus for easier removal. Breastmilk can also be dispensed into the spray bottle and sprayed into the nostrils, as it produces the same result of loosening up the mucus. 

Saline can be made at home by mixing 250ml cooled boiled water with 1/2 teaspoon of iodine-free salt (not table salt as it can be abrasive and irritating). The Snotty Boss Kit comes with a refillable saline spray bottle.

The next step is to choose the right sized nozzle to fit the nostril - the Snotty Boss comes with 3 nozzles suitable for newborn, baby and older child. 

The key to good suction is holding your baby in a cradled feeding position to support head and arms. A child's natural reflex is to turn their head away from the aspirator and wave their arms.It's important to minimise this movement, to allow good nozzle insertion and suction. 

Once in a comfortable position, fully insert the aspirator nozzle into the 1st nozzle, so it seals the entire nostril. If it's not sealing, change to a bigger nozzle. Gently turn the Snotty Boss inside the nostril to remove as much mucus as possible. Repeat on the other nostril.

To create a more intense suction, you can seal the other nostril with your fingertip for a few seconds. 

The suction process should take around 10 seconds on each nostril. Do not suction for more than 20 seconds at a time. If there is more snot to remove, wait for 30 seconds, and repeat. 

Snotty Boss clears congestion in 10 seconds

Time To Feed

Now that your child's nose is clear, they will feel much happier. They will be able to breathe through their nose and feed through their mouth. 

If more congestion occurs during the feed, repeat the suction process.

Removing the snot quickly and easily also assists in a faster recovery process, as the infection is being expelled from the body via the snot. 

We are on a mission to get a motorised snot sucker into every family's medicine cabinet. Snotty Boss is quicker, easier and more convenient than cheap, manual aspirators like Fess Bulb and Nose Frida.

Advances in technology means that every family can have access to advanced medical devices in the comfort of their own home, knowing that Snotty Boss has been manufactured using the highest quality materials and has been tested and approved by RoHS and TGA Australia. 

Will you be our next success story? 

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