Help! My Reflux Baby Needs to Clear Her Nose After Projectile Vomit

Help! My Reflux Baby Needs to Clear Her Nose After Projectile Vomit

Posted by Emma, Snotty Noses HQ on 7th Feb 2024

Parenthood is a journey filled with unique challenges, and navigating the world with a reflux baby adds an extra layer of complexity. From dealing with projectile vomiting to ensuring your little one's comfort, it's a continuous balancing act. 

One common issue faced by parents of reflux babies is the need to stay on top of clearing their noses before & after bouts of spit-up. 

Snotty Boss motorised nasal aspirator is here to help – a reliable option that not only gets the job done efficiently but also simplifies the process for both parents and babies.

The Challenge of Reflux and Nasal Irritation

Reflux causes bubs to regurgitate stomach contents via the mouth AND the nose. Parents are quick to wipe a little mouth, but may forget that the nasal passage also needs flushing and clearing. 

That's why it's important to have a Snotty Boss with you at all times to alleviate one of the important issues parents will face with a reflux baby.

Regurgitated fluid coated in stomach acid can irritate the nasal lining. Babies and young children can't sniff or blow their own nose. Parents can assist with a 2 step process: 

- use the refillable saline spray bottle in the Snotty Boss kit to flush the nasal passage

- insert Snotty Boss into the nostrils for 5-10 seconds to suction away any residual fluid

Baby will breathe easier and feel more comfortable with a clean and clear nose.

Snotty Boss: A Convenient Solution

Crafted with effectiveness and convenience in mind, the Snotty Boss is a motorised snot sucker designed to clear your baby's nose effortlessly. Its compact and portable design ensures you can handle nasal congestion promptly, providing comfort for your little one without any added stress.

Why is Snotty Boss the best choice?

  • Gentle: Featuring 4 SOFT silicone nozzles making the experience pain free for little ones, unlike other snot suction devices with hard plastic parts.
  • Quick & easy: Snotty Boss has continuous strong suction allowing you to clear your child's nostrils in 5-10 seconds (without the fuss of too much movement and discomfort caused by unreliable manual snot sucking devices).
  • User-Friendly: With its straightforward design, the Snotty Boss is easy to assemble, disassemble, and clean. Its simplicity allows you to focus on providing quick relief without any added complications.
  • Compact Design: The Snotty Boss's compact design makes it easy to carry in your nappy bag or have on hand for unexpected reflux episodes.
  • Full Kit: contains 4 different sized nozzles to fit all noses from newborns to kindy age. Also contains a refillable saline spray bottle (used as a 1st step to flush and loosen nasal mucus). 

Don’t just take our word for it. Thousands of parents rave about Snotty Boss for a reason. Here’s what they’re saying…

Snotty Boss has efficient design, gentle operation, and overall effectiveness make it an ideal choice for quickly addressing nasal congestion. Say goodbye to snot stress with traditional, cumbersome methods and welcome a more straightforward experience for both you and your baby. 

Snotty Boss – because every parent deserves a convenient solution to the messy challenges of parenting!