How To Clean A Nasal Aspirator

How To Clean A Nasal Aspirator

Posted by Laura Klein on 26th Apr 2021

Battery powered nasal aspirators are a modern invention to clear sick baby's noses in 10 seconds, so little ones can breathe, feed and sleep better. 

They are a convenient and life-saving invention that empowers parents to comfort and care for their child at home. 

Snotty Boss is the newest, quietest and strongest battery powered aspirator on the market, and is gaining cult status around Australia as the go-to sniffle solution. 

Snotty Boss review

Using Snotty Boss is easy and safe, but diligent cleaning, maintenance and storage is essential to ensure the life of the aspirator. 

Not all aspirators are created equal, and some other brands cannot be rinsed as thoroughly as Snotty Boss. 

Snotty Boss Cleaning Instructions

Diligent cleaning is absolutely essential. Otherwise, the small motor can easily get clogged and will cease to operate and your 12 month warranty will be voided.

- The nozzles and collection cup are waterproof. Remove from the base unit, and rinse these pieces under hot water.

- Soak collection cup and nozzles in a cup of hot soapy water for 2-3 mins only. A toothpick can remove any hard mucus stuck in the nozzles. 

- DO NOT microwave any pieces.

- Nozzles (silicone) only can be placed in a bottle sterilizer. Collection cup plastic will warp if placed in sterilizer.

Allow the pieces to dry, reassemble and carefully re-attach to the base, ensuring not to twist the top on too far (the connection piece will crack) 

Snotty Boss review

Advanced Internal Flushing of Base/Motor

The white base (containing motor and batteries) cannot be washed under the tap, Wipe the outside of the base with a baby wipe or cloth only.

The internal motor can be flushed (only if you suspect snot has gone down into the base and the motor sounds "gurgly"). This happens on very rare occasions, especially if the collection cup is too full, or has been laid sideways, or not assembled correctly.

- Remove the collection cup, and place the long nozzle directly on the small black centre suction hole (on the light blue base)

- Prepare a dish of hot water.

- Upturn the unit and submerse nozzle tip into water dish, so water is suctioned into the unit. Hold steady. 

- The water will expel out the small air hole, back into the dish. Continue for 30-60 seconds.

- Remove nozzle from water and continue to operate motor for 5-10 minutes. Keep unit upturned. 

- This allows all internal water to come out.

- Shake unit to assist water to expel. Motor will sound "gurgly" at first, and then start to run clear. Continue to operate motor and shake for 4-5 minutes once motor sounds clear. 

IMPORTANT: If any water is left inside the motor, it will cause rust, and unit will fail to operate. Expelling ALL water after internal flush is absolutely essential. 

The Snotty Boss is covered by a 12 month warranty for factory or production faults. Thanks for understanding that issues that arise from irregular or insufficient cleaning are not covered by the warranty.

Please remove batteries if in storage for extended periods, to avoid battery sweating and rusting, which will damage the battery pack and void the warranty.

Please watch this You Tube video, to get simple and effective cleaning tips....