Kochie Gives the Snotty Boss A Shout Out

by Laura Klein

Times are tough for small business right now. COVID19 has changed the landscape of our entire planet, with health, financial, lifestyle and cultural impacts, which will be felt for years. Each of us must do our bit, to support small business, and kick start the economy.

David Koch, financial analyst and TV presenter on Ch 7 Sunrise, has long been a champion of small business. Each week, his show Kochie's Business Builders profiles businesses and offers great tips to grow and scale business. 

In the post COVID19 world, Kochie has released a new show and website: Small Business First.

We were offered the chance to submit a promo video, so we jumped at it. Our segment went to air on Sunday 21 July. And wow, we certainly saw a spike in website traffic!

Kochie had a laugh at the Snotty Boss Nasal Aspirator - acknowledging that the idea is a little gross. But his daughters have said how wonderful the device is for his young grandchildren, when they are sick and congested. Thanks Kochie. 

Watch my reaction, our segment, and Kochie's comments below. 

So, let's all do our bit to support small business next time we are shopping!