Parenting Hack - Demo Snotty Boss First

Parenting Hack - Demo Snotty Boss First

Posted by Laura Klein - HQ on 22nd May 2024

Tired of the battle to clear your baby’s snotty nose?

Do they wriggle, squirm and cry?

Try this simple parenting hack: demonstrate on yourself first! 

We understand having something up their nose is NOT a baby or toddler's favourite things. 

Especially when they are sick and miserable. 

No parent likes to see their child upset but short term fuss and wriggle is worth the long-term medicals beneifts of breathing easier, clearing congestion and feeling better.

Show Them How

Kids love buttons. Show your little one how you turn the motorised nasal aspirator on & the sound it makes. Let them have a turn.

Add a favourite sticker to your Snotty Boss. Bluey, anyone?

Put your finger over the nozzle as a fun suction, let them put their finger on the nozzle too. Boo, it's a snotty monster in there.

Then insert the nozzle into your own nose and giggle. Let them use Snotty Boss on you, like they are pretending to be a doctor.

They will see Mummy is okay.

They can even practice on their favourite teddy or toy.

Then it's their turn. Do a countdown from 10, or sing "If You're Happy and You Know It, Get Out Snot"

Remember, keep the head elevated to use the power of gravity to draw out the mucus. Support little arms that want to wave about. 

Reader Question: Do I have to squirt saline into the nostrils before using Snotty Boss?

Answer: It depends. Each child and each level of snot is different. If the snot is dry and crusty or you suspect a giant booger lodged on the nasal wall, a few squirts of saline is going to help loosen everything up for easier extraction. But if the snot is flowing and oozy, you may not need saline. 

Once the nasal passage is clear of snot, a quick squirt of saline can lubricate the delicate cilia (mucus membrane) that lines the nostrils. 

Job Done

Maybe they won’t fully understand the process of nasal aspiration but a simple demonstration can help them know what to expect when introducing these new things.

No surprises, no fuss. Just clear noses and happy babies!

Save this hack for later and send it to all your friends with children.

Snotty noses are a fact of life, might as well make dealing with them easier.

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