Removing a Foreign Object from Nasal Passages.| Snotty Noses Australia

Removing a Foreign Object from Nasal Passages.| Snotty Noses Australia

Posted by Laura Klein on 7th Jul 2018

At Snotty Noses Australia Headquarters, we are all about helping families with safe and practical health tips. 

We are often asked whether our battery powered Snotty Nasal Aspirator could suction a foreign object from the nasal passage - like an orange pip, or piece of Lego. Those types of blockages may be beyond the scope of the aspirator, due to their complex shape, structure and weight.

But we know little ones are capable of getting unusual, crazy objects and food stuck in their nose.

Mother's Kiss 

Watch as doctors easily and painlessly remove an orange pip in Georgia's nose with a simple, safe technique. This technique is referred to as a mother's kiss or parent's kiss which can be used to remove foreign objects from a child's nasal passage.

And when the snot gets beyond a joke, then come and see us for the quickest, easiest snot sucker on the Australian market.

Babies and children can't blow their own noses, so the gentle battery powered suction is a real life saver.  

By removing the snot at the source, you lessen the risk of secondary ear, adenoid and respiratory infections too.  Imagine how much time and money you will save at the medical centre and chemist by using this safe and effective device at home, anytime. 

Watch as our Mumma boss Laura suctions baby Marlea's nose, and see how the the Snotty suctions apple puree off the plate!

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We are proud to be your partners in good health and good sleep x

Disclaimer: We are not doctors or healthcare professionals. Our advice is general only.   Our products, blogs and information is not intended to diagnose, treat, and/or take the place of medical treatment prescribed by a doctor or medical professional.