Runny Nose Solutions - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

by Kate Rafferty

Since the beginning of time, babies and children have caught a cold, and parents have had to deal with a runny or blocked nose.

We constantly get messages and calls, asking about the best solution for a snotty nose.

After much research and product testing, we believe we've found the solution.

There are many products on the market, with a range of prices. Some designs are good, some are bad, and some are downright ugly and impractical.

Let examine the "Bad" and "Ugly" first......

"The Bad" 

Squeezy, Manual Rubber Bulbs 

Most parents start using this cheap, chemist product, only to discover it's hard to use, ineffective and nearly impossible to clean.  It's relying on parents releasing the bulb at the right time to create suction. However, the suction only lasts for 1 second and is weak.  

It simply can't remove the snot effectively from your little one's nose. 

If any mucus is removed, it's very difficult to check inside the bulb to make sure you have cleaned out all the liquid, and mould can quickly grow inside the bulb - not something you would want anywhere near your precious baby.

In addition, these manual rubber bulbs can actually be very dangerous. If the bulb is accidentally squeezed instead of released, it can push the mucus further into the nose or throat, and possibly cause choking. There have been news reports (and You Tube clips) of this happening in various countries all over the world, and it's very concerning.  

To summarise, the squeezy manual bulb was once the only product available and some parents have had success with it. However, it has been replaced by superior technology and efficiency, which we will discuss soon.

Large, Bulky Aspirators

Dealing with a sick baby is already a stressful time, so the last thing a parent needs is a struggle to set up and operate a large, benchtop aspirator, which confines the snot removal to one part of the house. The suction may be efficient, but it's totally impractical.  It's also impossible to take this style of aspirator out and about, as it will not fit in the nappy bag!

"The Ugly"

Manual Tube By Parent Suction

This aspirator relies on parent suction to create the vacuum strong enough to extract the snot. There is a valve in the mouthpiece to ensure no snot enters the parent's mouth, however there have been many instances when the valve has dislodged. Yuck!

Even if the valve stays in place, tiny germ and virus particles can still pass through to the parent's mouth, meaning there is a high risk of cross-contamination.

It's also very difficult to get your baby into the correct position, and then co-ordinate your suction at the right time. Generally, manual suction can only last 3 seconds, which is often not enough to dislodge the nasal mucus. 

"The Easy"

Finally, a solution that is affordable and functional. Our battery-powered, hand-held, waterproof nasal aspirator is the quickest and easiest way to remove all nasal mucus in seconds. 

The suction is strong and constant. It's easy to clean and totally portable - use it in the shower, cot, feeding chair, change table, or out and about.

With a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, no wonder the "Snotty" is gaining cult status around Australia as the go- solution for congestion and sniffles. Order yours now and be ready for the first sign of a cold.