Searches for "Runny Noses" Up 15%

Searches for "Runny Noses" Up 15%

Posted by Laura Klein on 15th Oct 2020

As a business owner helping parents all over Australia, we spend a good amount of time analysing search queries on Google Australia each week. Normally, Spring is a time when the peak demand for our cold and flu relief products drops a little, as the weather warms up, and children catch less colds and sniffles.

But even we were surprised to see that Google searches for "fix runny nose" were up 15% in the week ending 11 October. 

Fix Runny Noses

Parents are still dealing with colds, viruses, sniffles, sinus and teething related congestion. And the continued demand for our Snotty Boss Nasal Aspirator is proving this to be true. 

Parents from all over Australia are coming to us to buy a Snotty Boss Nasal Aspirator, so they can relieve and fix a blocked or runny nose quickly, for their newborn, older baby, toddler or preschooler. 

And their choice is backed by medical scienceDoctors recommend a nasal aspirator to loosen and clear blocked noses, as little ones cannot blow their own nose. 

Child sleep advisor Kristy from The Sleep Teacher acknowledges that babies and children cannot sleep well with a blocked or runny noses, and advocates the use of a gentle but effective battery powered nasal aspirator.

Laura, Founder using Snotty Boss

Why Does Every Family Need A Snotty Boss Nasal Aspirator?

Children breathe predominantly through their nose, but they can't yet blow their own nose. This presents a real problem for parents, who want their congested child to breathe, feed and sleep better. 

There are a variety of nose clearing solutions on the market. But like most categories of baby products, there are good, bad and ugly!

There are manual squeezy rubber bulbs, that rely on 1 second on suction created by manually releasing the air from the bulb. Hopeless.

There are tube devices that connect from the baby's nose to the parent's mouth, and require a parent to suck through to remove the snot. Although there is a filter, small particles of germ can easily go into the parent's mouth. Plus the maximum suction time is usually 3-4 seconds. Messy and difficult. 

There are cheap, noisy motorised snot suckers, that are difficult to clean and require replacement filters. Noisy and weak.

Then there is the best snot sucking solution that actually works - our Snotty Boss Nasal Aspirator. In fact, we are so sure it will be the best solution, we back it with a 60 day satisfaction guarantee. 

Clear babies noses in 10 seconds

The motor is strong, quiet motor suctions all lose mucus from the nasal cavity in 5-10 seconds, providing instant relief from blocked or runny noses. It's so quick and easy, and there is minimal fuss from babies, as the silicon nozzles are soft and gentle. 

The Snotty Boss comes as a complete kit, including a refillable saline spray bottle and handy carry bag. Saline is an essential first step in congestion relief, as a few sprays up each nostril loosens any dry, crusty snot. Parents can make homemade saline with cooled boiled water, and a pinch of iodine-free salt. 

Did you know you can also fill the spray bottle with breastmilk - Mother Nature's ideal liquid gold to loosen snot in the nose. 

Children will get 6-12 colds every year, as their immune system develops. It's a natural and unavoidable part of the growth cycle. 

So it's great to know a quick and easy snot solution is available for Australian parents, as well as families around the world, via our international site