Snotty Boss - Featured in National News

Snotty Boss - Featured in National News

Posted by Kate Taylor on 5th Feb 2021

The Snotty Boss story was featured in on 4 Feb 2021. Journalist Sarah Sharples was interested to discover the story and people behind the brand. 

We were delighted to share the journey with her, including the stresses and roadblocks involved in making and registering a medical product in Australia. 

We are on a mission to have a Snotty Boss in every Australian household with children under 4, and make Snotty Boss the go-to baby shower gift. It's the best product to clear little noses and help congested babies, toddlers and preschoolers breathe, feed and sleep better.  

Australian parents are looking for practical, high tech gadgets to make their life easier, and their children healthier. The battery powered nasal aspirator - Snotty Boss - is the solution parents love.

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