Snotty Boss Gets Top Rating on Mum's Grapevine

Snotty Boss Gets Top Rating on Mum's Grapevine

Posted by Laura Klein on 1st Jul 2021

Since launching Snotty Boss Nasal Aspirator in 2020, we've been blown away by the success. We've helped over 25,000 Australian families help their baby or toddler clear their nose in a few seconds, so they can breathe, feed and sleep better.

Snotty Boss Nasal Aspirator rated in Mum's Grapevine

As Snotty Boss continues to gain cult status with Australian parents, and is stocked in more and more pharmacies, we have another achievement to celebrate.

Snotty Boss has been rated the top nasal aspirator on Mum's Grapevine - a trusted source of parenting information since 2008.

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Here are the facts:

- babies can only breathe through their nose until 6 months.

- after 6 months, they can mouth breathe, but their preference will always be to nasal breathe (especially when feeding and sleeping)

- young children get between 6-10 head colds each year, as their immune system develops (more if they attend daycare or have siblings attending daycare)

- little ones can't blow their own nose until around age 4

- a blocked or runny nose can be dangerous and uncomfortable

- removing snot at the source reduces the severity and duration of a cold, and is less likely to cause a secondary ear, adenoid or respiratory infection.

The greatest thrill is when parents recommend us to friends and family.

Best motorised Nasal Aspirator

The Mum's Grapevine Review

There are 6 aspirators rated on the list - 3 manual, and 3 motorised. Snotty Boss gets the top rating as the newest battery powered design in Australia. 

As diligent designers and business owners, we have tested all the aspirators on the list. The other 2 motorised aspirators were very noisy and difficult to clean, with problems arising from the USB charge point getting wet. They had limited nozzles and didn't have a hygienic lid or storage bag.

The manual aspirators offer weak suction for 2 seconds, and although they are cheap, the performance is simply frustrating.

When we began the business in 2013, we sold other brands of nasal aspirators. For 6 years, we took on all the feedback from customers in terms of what they liked and didn't like about the available designs.

So when it came time to design Snotty Boss, we knew we had to make a complete kit, containing everything required to clear a baby or toddler's nose: 

- 4 soft, silicone nozzles in a variety of shapes and sizes (to be used from birth)

- hygienic lid (to prevent contamination when on-the-go)

- super quiet yet strong motor (58kpa, not too weak, not too strong)

- easy to clean and flush (reusable, with no filters or spare parts needed)

- refillable saline spray bottle (an essential first step to loosen up the mucus) 

- handy carry bag (for taking Snotty Boss on the go, and never losing the spare nozzles)

- 30 day satisfaction guarantee (love it or return it*).  

Yes, we have thought of everything!

The result of 18 months of research, development and testing is Snotty Boss - yes, it's the most expensive battery powered aspirator on the market. And we don't apologise for that. 

Parents need to feel confident, knowing the nasal aspirator being used on their precious baby's nose has been tested and designed using the most premium materials and design processes. 

The feedback from parents has been incredible, with over 1000 verified reviews on our website. Check out the Mum's Grapevine list, and then come back to shop the best nasal aspirator on the Australian market. 

It's a small price to pay for the health and comfort of your little one, plus a better night's sleep for the whole family.

Will you be our next success story?

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