Snotty Boss on TV News

Snotty Boss on TV News

Posted by Laura Klein on 15th Mar 2021

Since launching in March 2020, Snotty Boss Nasal Aspirator has become the go-to sniffle solution for babies and children all around Australia. 

Director and business founder Laura Klein was delighted to chat with the Ticker TV News,to discuss the idea behind the Snotty Boss invention, and the expansion plans into pharmacy chains throughout Australia. 

Modern parents are looking for an effective high-tech gadget which solves a real problem parents face all year round - a congested, sick child who can't blow their own nose. Snotty Boss is a battery powered, portable, reusable nasal aspirator, and is the newest design on the market. 

Since launching in the middle of a global pandemic, parents have enjoyed the convenience of shopping online and super fast delivery to get Snotty Boss to their door. In under 10 seconds, the baby's nose is clear and they can breathe, feed and sleep better. 

And that means parents are sleeping better too. 

With little ones getting 6-10 head colds each year (more if they attend daycare), Snotty Boss is the easy, safe solution that makes a yucky situation a little easier to handle. Little ones can only breathe through their nose, so it makes sense to have a medically tested and registered aspirator in the medical kit. 

With hundreds of 5 star reviews, and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, will you be our next success story? 

Snotty Boss in action to help clear congestion

Snotty Boss is a great addition to your daily routine