That's Life Feature - And The Millionaire Headline

That's Life Feature - And The Millionaire Headline

Posted by Laura Klein on 27th Aug 2019

A MILLIONAIRE??? Nice headline but not quite right!! 

We loved telling our story to That's Life magazine but the headline doesn't paint an accurate picture.  

Yes, we have sold over a million dollars of products this year but anyone who runs a business knows that a million dollars in revenue is very different to a million dollars in profit!!!

The cost of doing business is incredibly high, with overheads eating into profit at every turn. Business is tough and the US dollar exchange rate is making it even tougher right now!!

Our team in Brisbane work hard every day (and sometimes into the night!!!) to run this business. Yes, it gives me an income and supports my family but we are not retiring to the Bahamas any time soon! I wouldn't want anyone to read this article and get the wrong idea!

Here's the video that I posted on You Tube on the day the magazine was published and it comes from the heart. 

Thank you for supporting our business and we hope we can continue to offer great products at affordable prices and the best service in Australia. We are on a mission to get our signature Snotty snot suckers into every household with a child under 5 years of age. 

Here is a copy of the article

Do you run your own business? Did you pick up a copy of the magazine this week? We love hearing your feedback on email anytime. 

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Laura x