The 2 Magic Ingredients for Better Sleep

The 2 Magic Ingredients for Better Sleep

Posted by Laura Klein on 7th Dec 2020

Good sleep is the number 1 way to boost immunity, support cognitive development and improve mood and creativity. No wonder Australian parents are keen to find the best and most natural ways to improve the sleep habits of their little ones. 

Natural health care is important to parents, and that's why we are so excited to introduce our new range of Organic Balms

A tiny amount rubbed into chest, wrists and earlobes will absorb into the body and can promote a calmer bedtime and a deep sleep. 

100% Organic Balms

Not all organic balms are created equal, and parents should choose Australian made balms with organic ingredients.

There are 2 particular ingredients that parents should look for in a sleep balm: Magnesium and Vetiver. 

These natural compounds can calm the mind, relax the body and improve sleep. 

Magnesium is a mineral found in the earth, sea, plants, animals and humans. 

About 60% of the magnesium in your body is found in bone, while the rest is in muscles, soft tissues, fluids and blood. In fact, every cell in the body contains it and needs it to function.

Foods with a high level of magnesium include avocados, bananas, lentils, fish and almonds.

Magnesium can be taken as a tablet, however, this is not convenient for young children. Topical application is preferred. So long as a molecule is small enough to pass through the porous surface of the skin, it will eventually end up in the blood stream. Topical magnesium takes advantage of the absorptive properties of body’s largest organ - the skin - putting it to work in the form of a natural, healthy balm.

Vetiver is an essential oil that has been show to regulate breathing patterns, support the nervous system and reduce anxiety. It is extracted from the Vetiver plant - a clumpy, green grass native to India.

Vetiver oil is quite fragrant, with a distinctive sharp and earthy scent.

We look forward to supporting the health journey of your family.