Tomato Sauce Suction and Snotty Boss Reviews

Tomato Sauce Suction and Snotty Boss Reviews

Posted by Laura Klein on 19th Aug 2020

Since launching in Australia in March 2020, the Snotty Boss Nasal Aspirator has taken Australia and the world by storm. 

The constant battery powered suction is far superior to manual rubber bulb aspirators, or tube aspirators that require a parent to create 2-3 seconds of suction with their own mouths

It's good to know if your unit is working correctly, and functioning at optimal level. 

Good quality alkaline batteries are essential (not rechargeables). 

It's also important to hold your child in a comfortable position to control a little head that wants to turn away, or little arms that want to flap about. 

The video below shows you how to test the suction on your hand first (1:30 mark), and also how easily the Snotty Boss suctions tomato sauce (1:59 mark), which is a similar consistency to snot. 

A squirt of saline is a good first step, to loosen any dry crusty snot. But if the nose is streaming, saline may not be necessary. 

The nozzle must fully insert and seal the nostril, and 10-20 seconds should be enough time to clear the nostril of any loose mucus. 

Please email us if you have any more questions, or read the full FAQ tips and videos here.