Vaporiser VS Diffuser VS Humidifier - What's the Difference?

by Laura Klein

We get asked this question all the time! 

When parents are looking for the safest and most effective health solutions for their child, the words vaporiser, diffuser and humidifier can become quite confusing. 

But the words have very similar meaning... 

Essentially, they are all machines that change water into vapour (mist) which is released into the environment. 

Our new product is called Hush Ultrasonic Vaporiser, and we believe it has the safest and most convenient features out of all the diffusers/vaporisers/humidifiers on the Australian market.  

Different Machine - Different Features - What You Need To Check

1. Some machines can be hot steam and some are cool mist, so it's definitely important to check the temperature feature. Steam machines boil the water to create vapour. Cool Mist machines use ultrasonic vibrations to create the vapour. We recommend a cool mist design, like "Hush", as it will never create heat or condensation or risk of scalding.

NOTE ON STEAM: In times of illness, we understand steam can be therapeutic and bring congestion relief to all ages. However, it's recommended a short "burst" of steam (eg, 10 mins in a steamy shower) is preferred over 12 hours of steam in a bedroom.

2. The machines can be used with or without the addition of pure essential oils, or fragrant essence or inhalant liquids. We recommend using pure essential oils, which are part of the "Hush" Kit.   

3. Some machines have an inbuilt air purification feature, others have a filter, others have no air purification at all. We recommend an inbuilt purification, like "Hush". 

4. Diffusers often have a small water capacity/short run time.(eg, 100ml, 5hours), which means parents are constantly refilling the unit.  A good quality machine should conveniently operate all night, so always check the run time. Hush fills with 300ml of water, and runs for 12 hours on constant mist/30 hours intermittent mist, providing consistent hydrated, purified air in the bedroom environment. 

With all vaporisers/diffusers/humidifiers, there's a huge variation in run time, water capacity, mist output, mist dispersion range, unit size and price, so please check all of those features before deciding on the right machine for your family. 

We've created a comparison chart for your convenience.....

Hush was designed to be used 365 days and nights a year, to support better sleep and good health. Parents can select the best 100% certified organic oil to suit their child. 

- Sweet Slumber or Calm Cocoon: to assist bedtime routines and better sleep

- Winter Wellness or Baby Breathe: to assist breathing and congestion, in times of illness.

We believe Hush is a safe, healthy, stylish choice for everyday use in a bedroom to help little ones breathe and sleep better. 

Plus it's so much more than just a "vaporiser", with the inbuilt sounds, mood lights, stylish interchangeable covers, Bluetooth speaker, remote control and more!

It's time for your family to "Hush"