​Will My Toddler Allow Nose Suction?

​Will My Toddler Allow Nose Suction?

Posted by Laura Klein on 28th Mar 2021

Some of the most common enquiries at Snotty Boss Headquarters are: 

"Will my child actually let me put the nozzle in their nose?"

"Does it hurt?"

"Will they scream the house down?"

Look, we understand. Every baby and child has a different personality. Some children love the Snotty Boss Nasal Aspirator (like Riley, below) and others squirm and cry.

Newborns and younger babies are usually unfazed. Older babies and toddlers can be challenging.

No parents wants to see their little one upset. But we know that clearing their nose is a safety issue, and it's a case of short term fuss, for long term benefit.

The bottom line is that babies and toddlers breathe through their nose (especially when feeding and sleeping), so clear nasal passages are absolutely essential (Healthline, 2020)

Insertion and suction with Snotty Boss doesn't hurt at all and it only takes 10-20 seconds to fully clear both nostrils. We understand it may not be a baby or toddler's favourite thing. 

But the medical benefits of removing that yuck far outweigh a moment of fuss and wriggle.

Medical Benefits

- Your child will breathe, feed and sleep better immediately. 

- Your child will be less likely to suffer a secondary ear or adenoid or respiratory infection.

- Your child will recover quicker from a cold as the virus is expelled out of their body. 

- Your child can return to daycare and learning activities quicker, and feel healthier and happier.

Happy Customer after using Snotty Boss

It just makes so much sense to use a safe, battery powered snot sucker. 

Snotty Boss can be used multiple times a day. It's safe from birth (even micro-premmie babies, like Riley). It's portable, washable and reusable.

Snotty Boss is the newest, safest, most effective nasal aspirator on the Australian market. It's an investment that can be reused over and over again, which is good for your wallet and good for the planet.

Will you be our next success story?

Come and read hundreds of 5 star reviews and shop with a trusted Australian brand, operating from Brisbane since 2013 and registered with TGA Canberra

Modern parents are looking for high-tech, efficient tools to make their life easier. Throw away the cheap squeezy bulb aspirator, and make the switch to Snotty Boss. 

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