13 Heartwarming DIY Gifts for Father's Day

13 Heartwarming DIY Gifts for Father's Day

Posted by Laura Klein on 25th Aug 2023

Father's Day on 3 September is that special occasion where we celebrate the incredible Dads in our lives. 

While it's tempting to splurge on extravagant gifts, there's an undeniable charm in presents that are simple, free or handmade with love. 

Why Father's Day Matters

Father's Day is a chance for kids to show their appreciation for their dads – those unsung heroes who serve as jungle gym experts, problem-solving wizards, and tellers of terrible jokes. 

In a fast-paced world, let's pause and celebrate these great guys.

Gifting ideas for Father's Day

13 Easy Heartwarming Gifts


1. Wash His Car

There is nothing men love more than their cars. That may sound like a stereotype. However, men develop personal relationships with their cars since they perceive them as extensions of themselves. On Monday morning, he’ll proudly show off his freshly cleaned wheels.

2. Play Ball

Dads who love sports love to share their passion with their kids. So, why not get the whole family outside to learn and play your Dad's favourite sport? Try kicking a soccer ball or driving golf balls in the backyard.

3. Miniature Trophy 

Every dad deserves recognition for being the best at something, whether it's making the silliest faces or being the world's greatest remote control master. Craft a miniature trophy complete with an engraved title that's tailor-made for his unique talents.

4. Dad Joke Book

Dads and their corny jokes are practically inseparable. Compile a mini joke book filled with their all-time groan-worthy favorites. Just be prepared for a hearty chuckle followed by an obligatory eye roll.

Father's Day Chores

5. Take Over His Chores

Make sure he takes Father’s Day off by doing all that he does. Some ideas would be:

  • Taking out the rubbish
  • Wipe down his bedside table.
  • Lawn and yard work.
  • Clean the BBQ 
  • Wipe out his bathroom drawer and throw away the empty deodorant cans.
  • Sweep and hose the driveway and gutter.

6. Foot Rub or Back Massage

Dad loves a bit of pampering. Maybe while he's watching his favourite TV show or sports program. 

Help dad cook this Father's Day

7. Prepare a Meal or Snack He Loves.

Make your dad’s favourite dinner or dessert at home.You might just impress with your culinary skills. And remember, this includes doing the washing up.

8. Sort Out His Sock Drawer

It’s not always easy for busy dads to stay organized. Give Dad a helping hand by organizing his socks, T-shirts, and shoes this Father’s Day. Iron a few work shirts, ready for the week. It’s an unexpected little act of kindness that can make a big difference to his busy schedule.

Why Dad is the best

9. Make Acrostics

Make a list of positive character qualities that begin with each letter of the Dad’s name.

This may seem like a small gesture, But, in writing, he can see what his child thinks of him, which may be quite meaningful to him.

10. Handmade Card 

A classic never goes out of style. Encourage kids to craft a card filled with drawings and heartfelt messages, or photoshop Dad as a superhero.

11. Sing His Favourite Song

What’s your dad’s favorite song? Mine is “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay” by Otis Redding. He always gets a kick out of it when we all belted out it together. A family sing-along like this could become a tradition every Father’s Day.

12. Make Him a Playlist

Dad's playlist can have a few funny tunes, some heartfelt songs to show how much you can, and a few of his favourite bands and artists. 

Movie night with Dad

13. Movie Night

Choose to screen your dad’s favorite movie and invite the entire family to watch it with you. My Dad's favourite movie is so cliched - The Castle from 1997.

Don’t forget to have his favorite snacks on standby whether that’s popcorn, Maltesers, hummus, or jerky.


Hey Dad, here's a FREE GIFT

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14. Vaporiser/Bluetooth Speaker

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So, that's it. Father's Day is a wonderful reminder that amidst our daily routines, we have a special day dedicated to celebrating the extraordinary men who have shaped our lives. While extravagant gifts might catch the eye, it's the simple and sincere gestures that often leave the most lasting impact. 

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