Banana Sleep Tea - a natural, nightly treat for deep sleep

Banana Sleep Tea - a natural, nightly treat for deep sleep

Posted by Laura Klein on 3rd Nov 2016

We are big fans of natural and healthy remedies to promote deep sleep for our family, and Banana Sleep Tea (with a dash of milk and honey) is an absolute favourite.  And there is good science to support the benefits of this sleep concoction.  

Bananas (especially the peels) are packed with magnesium and potassium.  Magnesium is widely recognised as preventing sleep disturbances, but when magnesium and potassium work together, they help muscles relax and give your body a great chance to fall into a deep, relaxing sleep.  It is essential to use chemical-free organic bananas - the ones with the red tip - as both the skin and flesh are boiled to make the tea.The Banana Sleep Tea ritual is popular for children in so many households, as it reminds them that bedtime has arrived - a clear signal that it is time to wind down.  Combine a cup of Banana Sleep Tea while reading your child their favourite book, and you may be onto a real winner.

So here's how it's done, in around 10 minutes:

1.  Cut both ends off an organic red-tip banana.

2.  Place the banana, peel and all, into a small pot of boiling water, enough so the banana is covered with water.

3.  Boil for around 10 minutes.

4.  Pour the water into a mug, and let cool.

5.  Add a dash of honey, or milk, or cinnamon, and sip away

6.  The warm mushy banana can also be eaten immediately as a bedtime treat with some yoghurt, or pop it into the fridge until the morning to put on top of your cereal, for another mag/pot rush!

Why not try it in your house tonight!