Blu Tack Up His Nose...and How Snotty Boss Saved the Day

Blu Tack Up His Nose...and How Snotty Boss Saved the Day

Posted by Laura Klein on 28th Sep 2023

As parents, we can find ourselves caught between amusement and alarm when our curious children explore the world around them.  

One such situation involves inserting foreign objects into their noses. 

This is what happened to our customer Kayla, who contacted us about a stressful #mumlife situation where Snotty Boss came to the rescue.

Raf was having fun playing with Bluetack & his nose when thing's turned serious real fast! 


We are so glad Snotty Boss (using the wide nozzle) was able to suction the Blu Tack from Raf's nose, and the incident was resolved quickly and easily at home.

Tips for Dealing With a Foreign Object in the Nasal Cavity

Parents need to understand the dangers and know the right action to ensure their child's comfort and safety.

Many times, parents do not witness the insertion event, so they're unaware something is in the nose. Children may be distressed, have difficulty breathing or be constantly rubbing the affected nostril. The area may appear red and swollen. 

NOTE: If the object contains chemicals (like a button battery) it is a medical emergency and you should go to the nearest emergency department. Reference: Health Direct Gov AU

Most Common Items Lodged in Nostrils

1. Beads

2. Small toys or toy parts

3. Food items, particularly seeds or beans

4. Erasers

5. Pebbles or small stones

6. Paper wads

7. Button batteries (a medical emergency due to the risk of chemical burns, seek urgent medical attention)

The Dangers

Several risks arise when a child inserts something into their nose:

1. Choking Hazard: The object can be accidentally inhaled into the lungs, leading to choking.

2. Infections: Foreign bodies can lead to infections in the nasal passage.

3. Damage: Sharp or irregular objects can cause scratches or cuts.

4. Complications: Some items, especially button batteries, can cause life-threatening complications if not removed promptly.

How to Remove a Foreign Object from a Child's Nostril

If you suspect your child has inserted an object into their nose:

1. Stay Calm: Your reaction will influence your child's response. Panicking may make the child anxious. Ask your child to breathe through their mouth. 

2. Do Not Use Tweezers: You might push the object further up, leading to more complications.

3. Try the Parent's Kiss: This method can be effective for objects that aren't deeply lodged.

  • Ask the child to open their mouth.
  • Place your mouth over your child's open mouth, forming a firm seal as if you were about to blow a balloon.
  • Block the unaffected nostril with a finger.
  • Blow gently into the child's mouth. The increased pressure might help pop the object out of the nostril.

4. Seek Medical Attention: If the object doesn't come out easily, or if you're unsure about its nature, visit the doctor or emergency room immediately.

Educate your children about the dangers of inserting objects into their noses and always keep a watchful eye on their activities, especially during playtime. 

And if you haven't got a Snotty Boss in your medicine cabinet, don't wait....

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