Help Congested Baby Sleep.

Help Congested Baby Sleep.

Posted by Emma, Snotty Noses HQ on 23rd Nov 2023

Welcome, tired parents; there's nothing more distressing than seeing your baby in discomfort, struggling to breathe.

We understand the struggle, and that's why our CEO, Laura, created the Snotty consultation with our world class medical factory and GP consultants.

From her own experience as a Mum of 3 and early childhood teacher, Laura knew little ones can't blow their own nose. She set out to create the highest quality, effective snot sucker to help little ones breathe easier and sleep peacefully.

Out of all the gadgets and products parents buy for baby, a home-use medical device that helps breathing and oxygen access is of high importance.

Todd Burton, M.D., a paediatrician with Children's Health, recommends using a motorised nasal aspirator for quick and easy clearing of those tiny nasal passages, rather than a manual style aspirator.

Unlike bulb syringes, the Snotty Boss offers gentle but continuous suction, allowing you to remove excess mucus without causing discomfort to your child.

Tips for Nasal Suctioning:

It's not always easy to use a nasal suctioning device on little ones, but Dr. Burton has advice that can help make suctioning more effective.

"First, spray two or three drops of saline in their nostrils," says Dr. Burton.

"Let that sit for a minute, then use the suction device."

Remember to use the power of gravity and avoid leakage by keeping both bub and Snotty Boss upright.

He says you also need to create a good seal to get effective suction.

That might mean you need a bigger tip to get a good seal immediately.

Remember, you're not alone in this journey, and every small step toward a clear nose and easy breathing for your baby is a triumph. 

May your nights be filled with more peace, your baby's breaths be a little clearer, and your family's sleep a lot more restful. 

Thank you for trusting Snotty Noses to be a part of your parenting adventure. 

Breathe easy, sleep well, little ones!

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