Laryngomalacia Congestion condition and Nasal Aspirators for babies featuring @Harperr_maee

by Emma, Snotty Noses HQ

“The Snotty Boss Aspirator from @snottynosesaustralia saved our lives last night.”

@harperr_maees Mama from our Snotty Noses community shares her thoughts on Australia’s best snot sucker.

“We had constant wake ups from Harpers congestion. She already struggles with her airway as she has a condition called laryngomalacia.

It gives me peace of mind when she's sick that I can now effectively remove the snot pain free.

I also had her Hush Vaporiser on with Sniffle season oil. It smelt so amazing walking into her room.”

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It provides relief for both bub & mama when they’re going through the inevitable nights of sickness. 

Be that bestie they think of each time Snotty Boss saves them from a hurting screaming baby.

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