Snotty Boss and NDIS

Snotty Boss and NDIS

Posted by Emma, Snotty Noses HQ on 17th Jan 2024

Did you know Snotty Boss is registered with NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a crucial initiative by the Australian government aimed at providing support and services to individuals with disabilities. NDIS covers a broad spectrum of needs, including health and well-being.

Recognising the importance of respiratory care, Snotty Boss, a Respiratory Care Revolution: is a comprehensive gadget that caters to individuals of all ages dealing with congestion, allergies, or other respiratory challenges.

As a claimable NDIS product, you'll have the power of Snotty Boss on your side. Making life a little easier when it comes to snotty noses.

Here’s why over 150,000 parents purchased & love their Snotty Boss…


With the touch of a button you have gentle suction ready to clear snotty noses quick smart!

Gentle and Effective…

Powered by medical grade technology, Snotty Boss provides gentle yet effective suction to clear nasal passages. It is specifically designed to be comfortable and non-intrusive, ensuring a positive experience for users with varying sensitivities.

Hygienic and Safe!

When it comes to viruses and the nasal cavity, hygiene is a top priority. With easy-to-clean components that can be disassembled in seconds and sanitised after each use.

This feature is particularly crucial for individuals with compromised immune systems, ensuring a safe and infection-free respiratory care experience.

Snotty Boss qualifies as an NDIS-claimable product, falling under the Assistive Technology category. Individuals with approved NDIS plans can explore the possibility of including Snotty Boss in their plan to receive financial support for acquiring this essential respiratory care device. Please email request NDIS information and invoicing for Snotty Boss.

Snotty Boss is not just a product; it's a lifeline for individuals navigating respiratory challenges.

By being NDIS-claimable, it becomes even more accessible to those who need it most.

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