Snotty Boss Has Been Listed As a 'Game-Changer' in MamaMia...

Snotty Boss Has Been Listed As a 'Game-Changer' in MamaMia...

Posted by Laura Klein on 8th May 2023

As a business owner, you know something is up, when your phone rings and pings 10 times in 2 minutes. 

That's exactly what happened when our famous snot sucker was recently featured in Mamamia. This is how it played out....

Mamamia Team Member and Mum of 1 Emily Beddoe shared her experience with Snotty Boss"This gadget is the ultimate essential product for babies that can't blow their nose yet. Not sponsored, just amazed!" says Emily.

Snotty Boss featured in MamaMia with raving reviews

Hundreds of Mums in the Mamamia Outlanders Facebook Group also agreed. Here are some of the comments: 

"This gadget has saved us"

"I wish I had it for my first baby"

"So much easier than the manual squeezy bulbs"

"My husband was sceptical as it was expensive, but he's totally convinced it's worth every penny"

The Facts

Babies and children get 6-12 head colds each year. But they can't sniff or blow their own noses. 

If you've tried other snot suckers in the past, you will be so relieved to have finally found Snotty Boss.

The least effect and unhygienic way to remove snot

The Solution

Snotty Boss is the genius motorised nasal aspirator, which clears a blocked or runny nose in 10 seconds. 

That means children can breathe easier and feel better. A clear nose also reduces the risk of a secondary ear infection.

Snotty Boss Motorised Nasal Aspirator to help clear congestion in 10 seconds

With a full size range of nozzles, Snotty Boss can deal with every age and every type of snot, from birth. 

Take the stress out of sickness, with a safe, effective, non-medicated home solution. 

With over 130,000 sold to happy Australian families, Snotty Boss is gaining cult status as the "go-to" snot solution.

Be prepared for the next sniffle.....

Natural and safest way to remove snot

PS: Did we mention free shipping? No problem at all.

Snotty Boss the ultimate snot sucker to help with congestion

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