Twin Mum's Rave Review of Snotty Boss

Twin Mum's Rave Review of Snotty Boss

Posted by Bronte Towns on 12th Oct 2023

Bronte is a Mum of 4, including 1 year old twins. She shares her family's journey on @JourneyOfAnHonestMum on Instagram. She has definitely dealt with her fair share of runny noses. 

Her review of Snotty Boss explains why it's the most useful product in her medicine cabinet.

Most importantly, Snotty Boss has reduced the stress of having a sick child, and has helped her kids breathe easier instantly. 

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The Back Story by Bronte

It wasn’t until my twins (3rd & 4th babies) that I discovered this little hack & I WISH I had it sooner!!

As a Mum of 4, here are my pain points:

  • The never ending coughs & colds are so annoying with little children.
  • Constantly wiping their noses only for it to last 5 seconds & it’s pouring out again.
  • Next thing you know you have snot all over your couch, floors & your own clothes! 

snotty boss runny noses

The Transformation

I've now found a hack that is a snot-saviour! 

It’s called SNOTTY BOSS!

And it actually works (unlike so many of its competitors). 

And here is why....

  • It sucks out an amazing amount & totally clears up your baby’s nose for way longer than any tissue would.
  • It’s amazing the difference that it makes to their breathing.
  • I listen to my babies breathing loudly through their blocked noses before, then immediately afterwards it’s silent - the way it should be.
  • It’s extremely easy to use. Mine lives on my kitchen bench & I use it daily when they’re snotty.
  • Cleaning takes a few seconds & it comes with different sized attachments to accommodate different sized nostrils.

hush vaporiser and snotty boss

Do My Kids Like It?

One of my twins is totally unfazed by it, the other isn’t fond of it but it’s so quick & easy to do - it’s a few seconds of annoyance for a big gain (breathing properly & no snot on the furniture). My 2 yr old does it all on his own now?

The Wrap-Up

I’ve had my Snotty Boss for over a year now & I often think about how much kinder it would’ve been on my older kids if I had it when they were little babies!

I would say this little device is on-par with nail clippers & thermometers as an essential baby item.

Also an amazing baby shower gift!! I would’ve loved to get one of these when I was pregnant!

Highly recommend buying this specific brand as no others I know of work as well.

And now you can win one, via the Snotty Noses Instagram page!

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