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  Best Organic Sleep Toys for Babies & Toddlers

It's a fact supported by Sleep Consultants all over the world - babies and children settle and sleep better with a sleep toy.

Introducing the Farm Buddies Plush Toy - the best organic cuddle comforter - a tribe of best buds, made for squeezing, hugging, and good times - perfect for sleep, comfort and play. 


Product Description

- This "Mum-approved" sleep comforter for little ones is inspired by nature, colour and fun.

- Fun farm characters

- By repeatedly introducing a baby (over 6 months) or toddler to a comfort object, an attachment is formed. The special touch and smell of their comforter makes little ones feel relaxed and secure and contributes to positive emotional development, providing a sense of security when parents or caregivers can’t be there.

- Gentle on skin and planet friendly, made from the 100% organic cotton 

- Head is filled with natural-dried corn fibre with a comforting sensory rattle sound

- Fabric is GOTS certified, non-toxic and non-phthalate 

- Machine washable and safety tested 

- Best Green Product Award Winner by


Available styles change each season. Please select from drop down box. 


SLEEPY TIP: Add a drop of organic pure lavender essential oil, or chamomile essential oil to the fabric every few days, for extra sleep comfort. 




- It's a good idea to buy 2 of your favourite "Farm Buddies Plush Toys" design, in case one accidentally gets lost or dirty.

- Parents often find that a Farm Buddy becomes the go-to in times where they need baby to be settled or relaxed – sleep time, nappy changes, car rides, doctor’s visits.

- They’re also great for including in games – developing motor skills, sensory play with built in rattle, learning about size and dimensions, and imaginative play.

- At age 3 or 4, most parents will find their child is still in love with their comforter, so it’s worthwhile making it a special friend that will grow with them.




We love to support community projects.

 $1 from your order helps us partner with Humpty Dumpty Foundation 


Farm Buddies Plush Toys have been safety tested and approved for use from 6 months.

This test is conducted whilst the baby is awake.

SIDS and Kids guidelines recommend leaving your child's face and head uncovered.    

Farm Buddies can be part of the bedtime routine and can be removed from the cot once your baby is asleep.  

If at anytime you have concerns about the use of a comforter, please remove it from the cot.

Generally, the comforter can be left in the cot for sleep time from 6months of age. 


The colourful Farm Buddies range is the perfect new baby gift - something they will love and use everyday!

 A great source of sensory comfort to little ones - especially when teething. Plus babies come to love the distinct smell of their Farm Buddy

The Gift of Sleep

- Children of all ages need good sleep, full stop.  

- Babies and children have better brain function, better mood and better physical capability if they have had sufficient rest.  

- Parents also need good sleep, if they are to positively attend to all that is required for a happy family life.

- With that in mind, each family has there own routines and ways to comfort and settle their little ones.

- Including a Farm Buddy as part of a bedtime routine makes it a signal for sleep.

- Soon, baby learns to fall asleep with their Farm Buddies Cuddle Blankie, without any help from parents or caregivers.

- They can also help the transition away from a dummy, providing something safe for sucking and chewing on that does not affect teeth or jaw development.

- Thank you for understanding that Farm Buddies are not a 'magic overnight fix' for settling/sleep issues.

- Like any positive sleep association, it requires commitment and consistency.

- But the long term benefits will be worth it.

- Whatever stage of childhood your family is in, Farm Buddies and the whole Snotty Noses range of sleep products can help.  

- From babyhood, children can be encouraged to develop healthy sleeping habits with the use of a 'white noise' sound machine, a night light and a comforter.

- These independent baby sleep aids become a familiar, soothing cue that sleep time has arrived.  


Beyond babyhood, if habits have crept into your family's routine that you would like to change (eg: children sleeping in parental bed, child only soothing if parent lies beside them, child needing to be rocked or fed to sleep, child waking at dawn), then you will need to understand that it will take days or maybe weeks to re-train these habits.  

It may be a case of 2 steps forward, and 1 step back.

There will be times it feels too hard or stressful or not worth it, but hold firm.

In the long run, it's your child's health and well-being, and your energy and fulfillment as a parent that will benefit.  

That sounds like it's worth playing for!  



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Why not buy a couple of spares, in case your favourite Farm Buddies bed buddy goes missing or is in the wash! Buy 2 or more, and save an extra 5%, automatically calculated at the checkout!


Our Business - Your Confidence

Customers trust their purchase from us.

We have used this product with our own family, and they love their Farm Buddies buddy.

We value each and every sale, by offering outstanding customer service, fast dispatch, and a truly brilliant product. 

We love to hear the feedback from customers, who say this product has contributed to a calm bedtime and positive self-settling sleep patterns.

Farm Buddies are a high quality, trusted product, and will be loved by your child for years to come!

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