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The Aussie invention that makes nail cleaning and cutting a breeze

on babies, toddlers and children.


Introducing the Nail Snail.....

- easy, gentle, safe, accurate nail care

- 3 in 1 application: cleaner, cutter, file

- nail care has never been so quick and easy

- perfect baby shower gift

- a quick solution to a weekly health task for all ages

- SAVE on postage, and grab one for a friend too!

- read our new BLOG: Ultimate Guide to Nail Care here

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In the past, trimming little fingernails and toenails has been stressful and tricky. 

Little ones are so wriggly, and there was always a danger i would cut too close to the nail bed, or accidentally cut some skin.  The Nail Snail has transformed nail care in our house, and it will for you too.

Clean nails are an important step to good health. Little ones are adventurous, and so many germs can be lurking under long nails. Keeping nails short and clean can prevent the nasties from entering their system.  Perfectly safe and easy to use from birth, and beyond.  

In fact, I use Nail Snail with my 9, 8 and 6 year olds.  They think the little snail is so cute, and it makes the job quick, easy and stress-free.

You'll be so glad you found it....

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Frequently Asked Questions

Being a parent comes with so many first times and questions.  Trimming your baby’s nails is one such challenge and using the right set of nail clippers for babies and toddlers is key.  Cutting your little one’s nails is important to keep them from scratching both themselves and you. 

We’ve answered some frequently asked questions to help you with trimming your child’s nails with a Nail Snail from Snotty Noses. 

How to use a Nail Snail? 

The Nail Snail has been designed to be very simple and easy to use. It’s not “scissors” but rather a gliding movement. Sit with your baby in a well-lit space and with a simple gliding motion through the unique v-shaped blade, gently remove the sharp edge of your baby’s fingernails, moving from one side of the nail to the other. 

Are baby nail clippers necessary?

Using a baby nail trimmer such as the nail snail is highly recommended.  Newborn babies’ nails are very sharp as they growth in-utero. As babies can’t control their arm movements for at least the first few months, their long fingernails can scratch you and your precious little one’s own skin. Germs and virus can also live under long nails, so keeping them trimmed and clean assists the health and wellbeing of your child. 

How to sterilise baby nail clippers? 

These nail clippers can conveniently be put into your dishwasher or cleaned with warm soapy water.  The heat and soap sterilise your baby nail clippers.  From here, the nail snail can be left to completely dry on a tea towel, or wiped down at your convenience. 

Is it safe to use nail clippers on babies? 

The Nail Snail are safe to use on babies, including newborns and older children too.  They are not “scissors”. The unique design of the concealed v’-shape blade is unlike adult nail clippers, which can get a bit too close to the skin for babies.  The Nail Snail on the other hand easily slides across your baby’s nail without getting too close, which means there’s no chance of cutting the nail too short, or damaging the skin. 

Why buy Nail Snail from Snotty Noses for babies? 

We are all about practical gadgets that make the parenting journey easier. The Nail Snail is  specifically designed for babies.  They have an ergonomic grip, a gentle file, and offer a safe new way to keep your child’s nails short.  Using traditional nail clippers or scissors risks accidentally cutting too close to the skin, but here at Snotty Noses, we strive to provide only the safest nail clippers for babies.

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