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Nasal Aspirators for Babies

nasal aspirator for your baby is the answer to relieving a sick congested baby instantly. After helping over 150,000+ Australian families with congestion issues, we are the trusted manufacturers of Australia's Best Nasal Aspirator - Snotty Boss.

Snotty Boss was released in 2020, and has gained cult status as the go-to premium aspirator in Australia. It's worth every penny.  Even Kochie from Sunrise has one for his grandchildren. Snotty Boss has been featured on The Today Show, Mamamia, 7 News,, Mum's Grapevine, Bounty Parents.

Snotty Boss is now available in-store at Baby Bunting, Terry White Chemmart, and Good Price Pharmacy. Also available via Chemist Warehouse Marketplace for speedy dispatch to your home. Plus over 1200 independent pharmacies and baby stores around Australia. Stock moves fast, so please ring your local store to check stock level.

Your baby's health and comfort is your number 1 priority, so it’s only natural that you want the safest and easiest solutions to help them when they are sick. 

Children can't sniff or blow their own nose. Getting sick is inevitable, so we recommend parents are prepared, as a blocked nose often happens in the middle of the night, when pharmacies are closed.

It is often common for babies to suffer from nasal congestion 2-12 times each year, as they build their immune system.  Runny noses can result in a very cranky and uncomfortable baby. A baby nasal aspirator is a natural, non-medicated solution to instantly relieve congestion.

Your child will feel happier when they can breathe easier. Parents will feel less stressed as soon as those little noses are clear. 

As a nasal aspirator is reusable, it's a worthwhile investment in the long term health and happiness of your child. 

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The Best Baby Aspirators in Australia

Snotty Noses is dedicated to providing high quality gadgets for good health and good sleep for babies, children and families.

As a business run by Mums, we understand the importance of premium products that solve real problems. We offer Australian parents an easy way to buy top quality products online including baby nasal aspirators.

Runny or blocked noses are often the case of dry air, viruses such as colds, teething-related congestion, or seasonal allergens and irritants (dust).

Babies and young children can't sniff blow their own nose, which can be a stressful situation for parents. Parents want to know the best way to clear a baby's nose.

Research has shown that a baby nasal aspirator is the most effective method of soothing and clearing the sensitive lining of a dry nose, which can help alleviate the symptoms of colds and sniffles. When the aspirator suctions out the snot, young children can breathe better in 10 seconds. It's really that easy.

Your search for a baby nasal aspirator online is over as Snotty Noses is the most trusted website to buy baby aspirators (1000s of testimonials back us up!)

We are not the cheapest - and there is a reason. Snotty Boss is made with premium plastic, metal and silicone materials.

Snotty Boss undergoes rigorous testing and certification. Snotty Boss is designed with unique "non-leak" features and can be reused over and over again. It has the easiest cleaning process on the market. Unlike many other aspirators, the Snotty Boss motor can be flushed with water, to keep it in tip-top condition. 

What Baby Nasal Aspirator Should You Choose?

There are many nasal aspirators on the Australian and International market.

Parents must be aware that not all designs are approved by TGA Australia - so please check!

There are 2 types of nasal aspirators  - manual and motorised. 

Manual aspirators are cheap, but do not offer strong or consistent suction, so are often a complete waste of money, and make parents feel very frustrated. Manual aspirators are often a squeezy, rubber bulb or a tube that attaches to a parent's mouth to create the suction from their breath. They are also difficult to clean.

Motorised aspirators are powered by batteries or charged via USB. They are more expensive, but they offer the convenience of constant strong suction due to the battery power, and makes the process of snot removal quick and easy. At we only sell a motorised aspirator.

Our Snotty Boss is the premium aspirator on the Australian market, and comes with extra inclusions to make it a complete sniffle kit. This battery-powered, water proof aspirator provides constant, steady suction and is effective in clearing nasal mucus in seconds.

As the snot is removed at the source and cannot linger or travel to the ear and throat, it means children are less likely to develop a secondary ear, adenoid or respiratory infection.   This baby nose aspirator has helped countless babies worldwide and we are strongly confident it will help your baby too.

It is fully tested and registered by the European Medical Devices Association 93/42/EEC and is listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods - TGA (ARTG No 320144)

What are the Benefits of a Baby Nasal Aspirator?

When it comes to choosing a nasal aspirator, parents want the best for their baby and something that is portable and easy to use. Here at Snotty Noses, we’re dedicated to giving parents exactly what they want to make their lives easier and stress-free.

Our nasal aspirators are also:

  • Tested and registered annually by international medical board
  • Effective in clearing a blocked or runny nose in seconds
  • Affordable and reusuable
  • Ergonomically designed to be used one handed when a child is lying down or sitting up

Why Buy your Baby aspirator Direct from Us?

We are the manufacturers, so we will provide the best product with the best advice and service, should you experience any issues with your purchase. 

Our stock is always the most up-to-date model.

Snotty Noses offers same day dispatch (on orders placed before 8am) and we provide free shipping on all orders over $75. 

Snotty Noses specialises in Nasal Aspirators for BabiesVaporisers for Babies & Humidifiers for Baby Rooms.

We are only a phone call away. Please call our Brisbane office on 0424 846 841