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- Saline is an essential first step to loosen nasal mucus.

- Grab 2 spare, empty, refillable 10ml bottles here. You can refill with homemade saline or breastmilk.

- Keep in the fridge, and discard after 48 hours. Wash and dry thoroughly. 

Saline Recipe

1. Boil the jug, set aside 1 cup (250)ml to cool, then

2. Mix in 1/2 teaspoon fine sea salt (iodine-free), and dispense into the enclosed, refillable spray bottle and shake well.  

3. Spare saline can be kept in the fridge and discarded after 48 hours.  

Do 1 or 2 sprays of saline up each nostril first - it will loosen the mucus, and act as a natural antibacterial solution.  Then, aspirate the nose using the SNOTTY, and do a final single spray of saline to leave in the nasal cavity.

Breastmilk is a natural, nutrient-rich substance that can be squirted up the nose to clear infection and loosen up any mucus for easier extraction.  


When the next sniffle hits, you'll be so glad you've got a Snotty!







The Best Design on the Market and Satisfaction Guaranteed!

- Forget those cheap, manual bulb suckers that require parents to squeeze or release at the right time - kids hate them and they don't work!

- Forget the aspirators that require an adult to suck through a tube with their own mouth to create a suction vacuum - totally impractical and completely frustrating.

- Simply press the power button with 1 finger to start the motor, and let the constant gentle suction of the Snotty Boss Aspirator do the rest.

- Using a battery powered Snotty Aspirator has saved many trips to the emergency room for intense mucus extraction by medical staff in the middle of the night - do it quickly and easily in the comfort of your own home! It really is that effective!

- Battery powered nasal aspirators have been rated in the "Cleverest Inventions for Parents" on Kidspot!



We love to support community projects.

 $1 from your order helps us partner with Humpty Dumpty Foundation



With a 60 day "No Risk" Satisfaction Guarantee, it's time to try Australia's best and most trusted battery powered snot sucker for newborns, toddlers and children....


Toddlers get so used to the sound and feel of the Snotty Boss- they love doing it themselves!


Cleaning Your Snotty Aspirator

Please ensure thorough and regular cleaning of the Snotty Aspirator, to ensure optimum performance and lifespan.

The entire Snotty Aspirator unit is completely waterproof for easy cleaning.

Remove the silicon tip and collection cup and rinse under the hot water tap.

Also dip the battery handset in hot water, and activate the motor to rinse.

Do not boil or place parts in the dishwasher.

Please watch the easy cleaning instruction video on the video tab!

Click here for more instructions.





Postage and Handling

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Not Snotty Noses - we have stock ready to go in our office and we pride ourselves on super fast dispatch.

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Our Business - Your Confidence

Customers trust their purchase from us.  We have used the SNOTTY Aspirator range with our own children and we know it works.  That is why we started the company!

We value each and every sale, by offering outstanding customer service, fast dispatch, and a truly brilliant product.

* Satisfaction Guarantee:  In agreement with the Snotty Nasal Aspirator distributor, Perpetus Pty Ltd, the Snotty 3 Nasal Aspirator comes with a "Satisfaction Guarantee". Purchase and use the Snotty Aspirator and if you are not satisfied with the snot removal and suction capabilities, please return it within 14 days for a refund of the purchase price, less a $7 processing fee. All details are included on All the Legals page.  We are proud to offer this "Satisfaction Guarantee" for the Snotty Nasal Aspirator, as we are so confident it will be the easiest and best device you have ever used to clear your child's nose. 

The positive feedback for the Snotty range continues to grow.  Click below to read the most recent testimonials, and to view a video of the Snotty range in action...


Is your baby or child struggling to breathe and sleep with a blocked or runny nose?





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