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    Hush Vaporiser with FREE Designer Covers & Oil


Give your little ones the comfortable sleeping experience they need with our ultrasonic vaporisers. At Snotty Noses, we understand how stressful it is to be a parent to watch your baby suffer with a cold and sleeplessness. With a cool mist vaporiser like Hush and a few drops of our Australian made Essential Oils, you can help your child clear their nasal passages, breathe easier and sleep better.

Vaporisers for Babies and Nurseries

When it comes to buying baby vaporisers in Australia, we are your number one stop for buying baby vaporizers online.

Similar to a humidifier in the sense that both are air quality appliances, a vaporizer is used to disperse water particles into the air in order to increase the humidity of a dry room. It is recommended that humidity levels in a home should remain between 40-50% with anything less than 30% being too dry. Where the difference between both appliances lie is in the way in which this moisture is dispersed.

An ultrasonic vaporiser like Hush has an additional benefit to a traditional humidifier, as it ionizes the water particle as it releases into the environment. Negative ion particles in the mist capture airborne dust, bacteria and allergens. 
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How do Vaporizers for Babies Work?

Our baby vaporisers are the new ultrasonic cool mist design, with no heat, no steam and no condensation. Hush is our newest style, and can be used in conjunction with 100% pure essential oils to increase the health benefits.

The new technology means the ultrasonic vibration causes water to change to mist and release into the environment. The water molecule is charged with negative ions (the good guys) which capture pollutants, germs and allergens in the air. 

The vaporiser can be used 365 days and nights a year - both when your child is well, and it's especially important when they are sick. 

What are the Best Vaporizers for Babies and Young Children?

The best vaporizer for your baby should have multiple functions. Hush has built in mist, light and sound, plus a Bluetooth speaker and remote control. It's also important to have a long running vaporiser, that will operate all functions for 12 hours each night. Hush is filled with 300ml of tap water, and will run constantly for 12 hours. 

When the water is low, Hush has an auto shut off, whilst the light and sound continue to operate. 

Hush Vaporiser for Baby Room

Hush vaporizer has a magic 5 in 1 functionality product keeping germs, dust, allergens and bacteria away from your baby. It is the ideal vaporizer for a baby room with a stylish white and timber design, plus extra covers to blend with all kinds of décor themes.

Hush can be used from birth, and is designed for use 365 days and nights a year, in sickness and in health. 

What is a Baby Vaporizer?

When you buy Hush Ultrasonic vaporizer your baby can get relief from dry skin, mouth and nose.  the purified mist can relieve flu symptoms day and night 365 days a year. A multi-functional product like this is an invaluable investment that vaporizes your baby.

If you order any baby vaporizer online today before 8am we will dispatch it straight away, meaning comfort for your baby is coming soon. You can also choose to purchase one of our carefully crafted bundle packs which include Hush Ultrasonic Vaporizer and some soothing essential oils.

Choose from our selection of organic oils, which contains some of the most beautifully scented and most effective varieties including lemon, clove, peppermint and lavender.

Choose the Best Vaporizer for Baby Rooms

Our vaporizers for baby bundles combat signs and symptoms of dehydrated skin and prevent unwanted germs spreading throughout the home. That said; by choosing to buy a baby vaporizer, you and your whole family will reap its comforting and beneficial effects too.

If you need to buy a vaporizer for your baby today, Snotty Noses has you covered. For more info on any of our products, feel free to email us at or speak to us directly on 0403 818 440.

Questions about Vaporisers for Babies?

We have done the hard work and sussed out the best vaporizer design for sick children. The best news is that the health benefits for babies also apply to older children and adults using the vaporiser.

Snotty Noses specialises in Baby Nasal AspiratorsVaporisers for Babies & Humidifiers for Baby Rooms.

If you have more questions, please call our Brisbane office on 0424 846 841

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