Bamboo Essential Oil Storage Box + 6 Essential Oils
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Bamboo Essential Oil Storage Box + 6 Essential Oils

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Give your little ones the comfortable sleeping experience they need with our ultrasonic vaporisers. At Snotty Noses, we understand how frustrating it is to be a parent and watch your baby suffer with a cold. With a cool mist vaporiser, you can help your baby clear their nasal passages using the power of purified water mist and essential oils.

Aroma vaporisers for a better night's sleep

Our vaporisers are sometimes also called aroma diffusers. The terms are interchangeable and means they turn water into vapour using ultrasonic technology, without heat or steam.  Our vaporisers also have a built in air purifier, so a combination of essential oils and water can clear your baby's nasal passages. At Snotty Noses, we spent a year developing the perfect aroma diffuser solution. Each vaporiser purifies the air and emits a cool mist that can soothe your baby all year round, in sickness and in health. Depending on the value packs or model you choose, you'll also benefit from the soothing sounds that help them relax. With no heat, steam, or condensation, our vaporisers are convenient and effective. If you buy one of our aroma vaporisers, make sure you check out our selection of accessories too.

When used alongside our essential oils, each vaporiser has the power to free your baby from a blocked nose, dry throat and itchy, flaky skin. The purified mist will hydrate and purify the air, and the addition of 100% pure essential oils, helps your little one breathe and sleep better all year round. When you choose Aroma Snooze and our sleep solutions, you can help your baby relax into a gentle night of sleep. Or if you want the Winter Rescue remedy, you can save them from the blocked noses that make their life uncomfortable when they have a cough or cold.

Promoting a safer and more soothing sleep

In addition to our vaporisers, we sell a range of nasal aspirators that can unblock your baby's nose. Every product in our range benefits from in-depth research that's designed to keep your little one safe. We also sell solutions that make teething easier, plus we have gift vouchers for when you want to treat a friend.

At Snotty Noses, we want to transform the way your baby sleeps. If you have any questions, contact us now.