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Brisbane Expo Snotty Boss


Are you looking for a replacement part for your baby’s nasal aspirator? Or an essential oils storage box?

Our selection of baby accessories has everything you need to keep your baby happy and breathing freely.

Spare and Replacement Parts

No need to buy a whole new nasal aspirator or essential oil vaporiser when your old one breaks or wears out. We stock a range of spare parts for the products we sell, including:

Newborn Accessories

If you’re expecting a new baby, make sure you’re prepared with everything you need. Many Australian parents buy the big-ticket items like prams and cots well in advance but forget about the small things.

Make sure you have a pair of baby nail clippers ready before your baby is born. Most babies are born with quite long fingernails and can easily scratch their faces if they’re not clipped down. Our Nail Snail was invented by an Aussie Mum and is a safe and easy way to trim little nails with a gliding motion rather than a cut.

A nasal aspirator is another thing that’s handy to have ready in advance. There are many manual aspirators on the market, but our electric nasal aspirators have strong, safe suction. Newborns' airways are tiny, and they can quickly become blocked with mucus if they catch a cold. Babies can only breathe through their nose, so a blocked nose can be dangerous. Babies can’t blow or clear their own noses, so parents need to clear this mucus manually with an aspirator. Did you know babies catch between 6-10 colds each year, even more if they attend child care. So when a sniffle appears, you’ll be glad you planned ahead.

Not sure what newborn accessories to buy for a new parent? Give them one of our gift vouchers instead.

Essential Oil Accessories

Diffusing essential oils is a natural way to help your baby breathe more freely, stay relaxed and calm during teething and other stressful times, and sleep better.Diffusing essential oils is generally safe from 3 months of age. We do not recommend using essential oils with newborns.

Once you’ve bought a few essential oils, pick up one of our bamboo storage boxes to keep them organised. As well as vaporisers, we also sell essential oil bracelets, and child’s essential oil snap bands so you can use your oils when you’re on the go. Remember, essential oils must always be diluted, and never applied directly to the skin and body.

To save money when you’re getting started with essential oils, consider one of our value packs, which include everything you need at a bargain price.

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