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 Stylish Fashion For Everyday Wear

Essential oil bracelets allow you to dispense your favourite essential oil on an interchangeable felt pad, to release the well-being benefits and natural scent of organic plant based oil. 

The oil pad sits inside the flip top cover which means oil doesn't come into direct contact with the skin, for safety. 

Each bracelet comes with 6+ interchangeable felt pads. Choose a different oil pad each day to compliment your personality, mood or medical condition.

Essential oil bracelets come in a range colours and designs:

rose gold leather-look double band, in swirl or flower design

- black leather-look double band, in swirl or flower design

- stainless steel rope band with diamonte feature in wave or tree design

Perfect Xmas present for family, friends and teachers.



Each bracelet comes with refillable felt pads to add different oils to, depending on mood or season.

They are a great natural perfume, and an organic, healthy way to add aroma to your life, without synthetic fragrances.

Grab one for yourself, and buy extra as gifts for family, friends and teachers. 




Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is an Essential Oil ?

An essential oil is a substance that is extracted from the flowers, leaves, stems, roots, bark or seeds of a plant.

Essential oils have been used for wellness and health for 100s of years. 

It is the concentrated essence of the original medicinal plant, containing the molecular constructs of its therapeutic properties. 

Pure Oil Blends are professionally crafted with high quality oils  and offer a safe, natural way to support the body through many issues of imbalance and ill-health.

They can also be created to enhance natural balance and compliment many areas of daily life.

The end result is a concentrate combination of essential oils that smell divine and work wonders.


What is the difference between Oil Essence/Fragrant Oil available for $2 from discount stores and your Organic 100% Essential Oil ?

Oil "Essence" or "Fragrant Oil" is available in discount stores for a few dollars - it is a chemical blend of synthetic essence, which smells like the plant, but is mixed with a lot of carrier oil, and has none or very little actual plant material in the bottle.  

Whilst the fragrant smell of these oils might last longer, there is no health benefit in diffusing/breathing this chemical compound.  

Our 100% Organic Essential Oil is a high quality, natural substance with no carrier oil or synthetic properties.  As such, there can be many health benefits by diffusing/breathing this oil.


What are the safety issues relating to essential oils?

Essential oils are a natural, yet powerful substance.  

Essential oils are recommended to be diluted in water for diffusion or mixed with fractionated coconut oil for skin application (do not apply directly to the skin undiluted).

Not recommended for use with babies under 3 months:  this is a general guideline and not meant to alarm parents.  

Our manufacturer recognizes that a newborn's skin and respiratory/lymphatic systems are new, and as such sensitivities and allergies may not have been identified.  Read more information on using essential oils with infants on our blog.

Essential oils should never be ingested. If swallowed, do NOT induce vomiting and contact the Poisons Information Centre on 13 11 26.

Keep essential oils out of the reach of children. Store below 30 degrees and out of direct sunlight.  Discontinue use if sensitivity occurs.  

Health benefits are based on traditional aromatherapy and do not replace professional medical advice.  

Consult your health care professional for advice on appropriate use and dosage of essential oils.



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