Practical Baby Shower Gifts Under $100

Practical Baby Shower Gifts Under $100

Posted by Emma, Snotty Noses HQ on 31st May 2024

Direct shopping links listed below. 

None of these links are affiliated we just love these products & so do all the new mamas we know... 

1. Snotty Boss Nasal Aspirator AKA Australia's favourite snot sucker! If this isn't already on her registry be the bestie that get's it for her because believe me, she wants it! 

2. Portable White Noise Machine - Perfect for mums that lead a busy lifestyle! 

3. Portable Breast Pump - She needs as many pumps as she can get...

4. Heat Ice & Packs - Perfect for postpartum 

5. Bulk organic wet wipes - Mums NEED these!!

New mamas really need all the help they can get from their friends and family and while it's nice to get the cute things, soon to be mums need practical things more! Trust us, everything we have listed here in our Practical Baby Shower Gifts Under $100 list will help mama through her postpartum journey and make life a little easier.