Three Sheep Sound Therapy


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Rated No. 1 "White Noise" Machine on Mum's Grapevine 



Award winning sound therapy helping children develop healthy sleep habits essential for growth and development... 


The fact supported by sleep experts and paediatricians around the world - babies and young children settle and sleep better with white noise!  

Consistent low-frequency noise is the most effective, easiest to implement, inexpensive sleep aid for babies, which is backed by hundreds of scientific studies.

This compactportable white noise machine (4 x AAA battery & USB cord) can sit on the shelf of the nursery, travel in the car or pram, and create a relaxing, comforting, familiar sleep environment for all ages, from birth.

Proudly offering a 30 day Satisfaction Guarantee, so you can buy and try with confidence!


Transform Sleep Routines with Relaxing Sounds

- Help your child drift to sleep, and stay asleep. 

- Don't let your child's sleep be disrupted by outside loud noises, music, voices, older siblings playing around the house, noisy neighbours or early morning rubbish trucks.

- 36 soothing sounds with auto-off timer, or constant sound - Heartbeat, White Noise, Pink Noise, Brown Noise, Rainfall, Birds, Waterfall, Thunder Storm, Wind, Waves, Shushing, Lullaby and many more!

- Smart Technology Memory, so once the unit is turned on again, the sound will start on last played/favourite sound.

- Volume control: whisper quiet through to strong and powerful. Adjust as needed. 

- 8 Optional LED Mood Lights perfect for a night light or turn off for complete darkness.

- 4 Timer Settings 30,45,60 & 90 minutes or continuous play 24 hours.

- Easy to use, and simple buttons to press.

- Compact design: 10cm diameter

- Play all night long as your child sleeps peacefully, and transitions through sleep cycles without interuptions.

- Both electric (via USB cord) and battery (4 x AAA batteries) powered.

- Recommended by Jen Reviews in the blog "Everything Your Baby Needs - According to Science"


Risk-Free 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Sleep advisers around the world endorse the use of 'white noise' style machines as a calming, consistent sleep inducer for babies.  And millions of parents agree.

Your new baby is quite used to noise because the in utero environment is quite loud, with heartbeat, fluid, your voice and even the TV.  In fact, complete silence can be more confusing to a newborn than background noise.  Read more on our blog white noise wonders here.

One of the greatest benefits of white noise machines is that they help babies fall back to sleep if they wake up as they drift from 1 sleep cycle to the next (usually every 20-45 minutes).  This means their day naps will last longer and they will be less likely to fully wake in the night.  

If you have a toddler or older child who has never used white noise before, you will be amazed at how quickly they adjust to this positive sleep association. Let them choose their favourite sound!!

It's the best $55 you'll ever spend...


Why can't I just use an app on the phone?

Many customers begin using sound apps on their phone but found it was too inconvenient having the phone or I-pad in the child's room. Our device a simple, cost-effective and useful choice.  Also, there are some health concerns about radiation with phone and I-pads in children's room, even in 'flight mode'. 

Will my child become addicted to the sound?

Unlikely, and sleep experts agree that there is little to worry about.  These white noise machines are NOT being used as a 'sleep prop' - like a dummy, or being rocked, patted or sung to, which requires a parent to initiate.  Your child can use this machine safely for many years.  

When you're ready to stop using 'white noise', simply turn the volume down a little every night until your not using the sound at all.  Easy.


Box Contains 

- Three Sheep Portable Sound Therapy

- USB Cord (Adapter not included) AAA Battery powered (does not include batteries)

- Removable carry cord that you can attach to your pram, nappy bag or cot

- English Instruction Manual

- 12 month warranty

- 30 day satisfaction guarantee

- Everything you need for a good night's sleep


The Gift of Good Sleep

Thank you for understanding that this device is not a "magic overnight fix" for sleep issues. Like any positive sleep routine, it requires commitment and consistency. But the long term benefits will be worth it. Whatever stage of childhood your family is in, our range of Sleep Products can help.

Children of all ages need good sleep, full stop. Babies and children have better brain function, better mood and better physical capability if they have had sufficient rest. Parents also need good sleep, if they are to positively attend to all that is required for a happy family life.

From babyhood, children can be encouraged to develop healthy sleeping habits with the use of white noise. It becomes a familiar, independent, soothing cue that sleep time has arrived.  

Beyond babyhood, if habits have crept into your family's routine that you would like to change (eg:  children sleeping in parental bed, child only soothing if parent lies beside them, child waking at dawn), then you will need to understand that it will take days or maybe weeks to re-train these habits.  It may be a case of 2 steps forward, and 1 step back. There will be times it feels too hard or stressful or not worth it, but hold firm. In the long run, it's your child's health and wellbeing, and your energy and fulfilment as a parent that will benefit.  That sounds like worth playing for!  



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Customers trust their purchase from us. We have used this machine for many years with our own children, and they are wonderful sleepers. We value each and every sale, by offering outstanding customer service, fast dispatch, and a truly brilliant product.

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