Snotty Boss and a Wriggly Baby

Snotty Boss and a Wriggly Baby

Posted by Laura Klein on 2nd Feb 2022

Runny and blocked noses are a fact of life with little ones. Parents feel stressed and helpless when their little ones are sick.

Thankfully, the Snotty Boss Nasal Aspirator can relieve a runny nose in 10 seconds, with its strong but gentle motorised suction.

But how do we put a snot sucker into a wriggly baby's nose?

How to use a snot sucker on a wriggly baby

How to support your baby when using a Nasal Aspirator.

We totally understand that babies and children may not like a strange, vibrating device in their nose, especially as they are sick, tired and not their normal happy selves.

No parent likes to see their child distressed, but the medical benefits of removing the snot (so your child can breathe, feed, sleep and recover better) might be worth a moment of fuss.

Ultimately, parents must try to remain calm and positive - your little one will pick up on your vibe. 

Remember, you are helping your little one breathe more comfortably by removing nasal mucus. Snot suction with Snotty Boss is a gentler and quicker process than invasive medical-grade suction in a hospital setting. 

Every child has a different personality. Some little ones may be unfazed, but others will be completely bothered and scared if you try to get anywhere near their nose. 

Some newborns who were previously not bothered by the Snotty Boss, can start to fuss as they get older.

Older, stronger toddlers can act like crazy, wriggly tigers when suctioning their nose.

Many customers report that their toddlers enjoyed holding the Snotty Boss themselves

Holding your baby or child in a gentle but firm cradle position helps to get the job done quicker and easier. We do not recommend trying to aspirate while bub lies on a change table, as their natural reflex is to turn their head away and wave their arms about.

How to hold a baby when you use a nasal aspirator

In the photo above, Mum Laura is sitting and holding baby Sage in a calm, cradle position. This allows baby's head to be resting against Mum's shoulder, to lessen the ability to turn away and wave their arm, which can be a child's natural reaction.

Baby's right arm is easily tucked behind or against Mum's body, to avoid interference. Mum's left hand is gently holding baby's left arm, to stop the natural reflex to resist and wave the arm around.

In the video below, 4 month old Louie likes to wriggle around. It's important to hold him gently and firmly to prevent head and arm movement. Louie doesn't love the saline spray bottles process, but we know that this really helps to loosen up the mucus for easier extraction.

It can take some practice for parents to master the best holding position, but it's worth experimenting, as it makes the snot extraction process so much quicker and easier. 

Parents will be "Snotty Boss" experts in no time, and will feel empowered that they can help their child breathe and feel more comfortable, in the comfort of their home, at any time of day or night. 

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