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Plus it's the most fun way to learn to tell the time

Toddlers and children are notorious for waking up in the middle of the night or for being early risers - it's one of the most common and exhausting concerns of parents. Many parents are woken early every morning by children creeping into Mum and Dad's bed, rather than waiting for the signal that they can rise and shine at reasonable time.  Does this situation below look familiar?

Developing healthy sleep habits is essential for children's growth and development. This clever sleep trainer clock features an adorable sheep called Sam who, by opening and closing his eyes, tells your child when it is time to get up. 
When the sheep's eyes are closed - "You should be sleeping" and eyes open - “Rise and Shine”. Even if your child wakes up early, the Sam sheep clock encourages them to stay in bed until his eyes open.
The colours are the same as traffic lights. 
Like a regular alarm clock it displays digital time as well analogue, teaching children how to read time both ways.
Red light- you should be sleeping
Yellow light - you can be awake, just a little longer in bed
Green light - well done, it's OK to get up
Sam Sheep goes to sleep when you put your little one to bed. The sheep closes his eyes and the nightlight shines red, meaning ‘It is time to sleep’.
In the morning, Sam's light display changes to yellow 30 minutes prior to alarm time, showing your child there is not much longer until 'rise time' -  the 12 stars on the screen will disappear one by one, counting down the 30 remaining minutes.
When the pre-programmed wake time comes and it’s time to get up, Sam the sheep clock's alarm plays, the screen changes to green and he opens his eyes to let your little one know that it’s ok to get up.
At a pre-set morning time, Sam's eyes will still be closed
but the light will change to yellow, indicating 'Get Up' time is only 30 mins away!
Children can read or play quietly in their bed until Sam's eyes open.
Sam Sheep Sleep Clock for Baby's Natural Consistent Sleep 


  • Analogue & Digital clock - a fun way to teach your child to tell the time
  • Opening/closing Sam the sheep eyes at the times you pre-program.  Can be set to a specific time eg 6.30am or after a certain number of minutes eg 90 minutes for a day sleep.
  • Kids alarm clock with sheep bleating or general alarm sound and adjustable volume (can switch off completely)
  • Nightlight, can glow all night or be set on a 5-15-30 minute timer.
  • Sam's eyes open and close all by themselves.  
  • Available in grey/white

Power and Warranty

- 2 Power Options - 1. USB cable included (USB adapter not included) 2.  Battery power (4 x AA, not included)

- 1 year manufacturer’s warranty


Sam sheep clock will help you reclaim morning wake ups at a time that suits you!

The Gift of Good Sleep

Thank you for understanding that this sleep trainer clock is not a "magic overnight fix" for sleep issues. Like any positive sleep routine, it requires commitment and consistency. But the long term benefits will be worth it.  

Children of all ages need good sleep, full stop. Children have better brain function, better mood and better physical capability if they have had sufficient rest - 12 hours overnight for a 2 year old through to 10-11 hours for a primary age child.  Parents also need good sleep, if they are to positively attend to all that is required for a happy family life.  You've completed the newborn journey, when waking numerous times overnight and early morning waking was a normal function of newborn life. But around the child's 1st birthday, expectations change.  

If habits have crept into your family's routine that you would like to change (eg: children sleeping in parental bed, child only soothing if parent lies beside them, child waking at dawn), then you will need to understand that it will take days or maybe weeks to re-train these habits.  

It may be a case of 2 steps forward, and 1 step back.  There will be times it feels too hard or stressful or not worth it, but hold firm. In the long run, it's your child's health and wellbeing, and your energy and fulfillment as a parent that will benefit.  That sounds like worth playing for!  

Sam the sheep clock is even more effective when used with our range of White Noise Machines, which provide a soothing background noise, continuously or set on a timer. These machines are ideal for blocking outside noise distractions - ambulances, noisy neighbours, early morning bin trucks, birds, thunder storms, and other siblings playing around the house. Sleep advisors around the world endorse the use of 'white noise' style machines as a calming, consistent sleep inducer.  And millions of parents agree.  Prices for our safe and effective Sound Machines start at only $49.


Wake up happy with Sam the Sheep Clock


NOTE:  Please be aware of international sellers offering SAM THE SHEEP clock at a cheaper price - that model will not come with the correct Aust certified electrical cord.



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Our Business- Your Confidence
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The positive feedback for the Sam clock continues to grow.  Read the testimonials below and discover how Sam could work in your household tomorrow...

Once those sleepless nights with a newborn baby are coming to an end, parents begin to learn that staying in bed and understanding the concept of time is something their young ones just won’t grasp. It’s exciting being in a big kids’ bed, with the freedom to get up and wake mummy or daddy up far too early. This is where sleep trainer clocks come to the rescue and help your children learn the concept of time. 

What age to start using sleep trainer clocks? 

Like a lot of issues that can happen with babies, using sleep training clocks can start at varying ages. However, it is generally recommended to begin at around 18 months. 

Starting your child at this age allows them to learn how to identify simple things like “night” and “day”. Our sleep trainer clocks are available for delivery across Australia.

How Does the Clock Work? 

Trainer clocks work through a traffic light analogy system. When it is time to sleep, our sleep trainer clock will close his eyes and turn red, indicating sleep time. The clock will turn yellow half an hour before the alarm is due to go off, this is indicating to your child that it’s not time to get up yet, you can be awake but you need to be in bed. 

Once the specific time is reached on the clock, the sleep trainer clock turns green, now your child knows they can get up and get excited about breakfast. 

What colour options are available? 

Our sleep trainer clock known as Sam the Sheep, comes in grey/white, blue/white, and pink/white. Each clock has a traffic colour system displaying red, yellow, and green for the various times that have been set. 

Each alarm clock’s eyes open and close by themselves, have adjustable lighting, and a choice between sheep bleating or a general alarm sound.

Why buy sleep trainer clocks? 

Sleep trainer clocks help your child understand the concept of time, your child may not be able to read the time on an analog clock yet, but through specific colour changes your child will begin to understand and learn how time works. 

Sleep Trainer Clocks can become an important part of setting up a sleep routine as your child grows older, which can help as your child grows up and learns how to self regulate their own sleeping habits. If you want to buy a sleep trainer clock, Snotty Noses has an adorable option for you.

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